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  • Preventive healthcare through intermittent fasting the best way to healthy life

    Published on January 27, 2020

    New Delhi : People are always looking for something new way of losing weight, and  intermittent Fasting is a very old method used by people for weight loss and body cleansing. People are becoming very health conscious and hence intermittent fasting has attracted 30-40% of the people.

    “I am very glad that doctors in India are taking a keen interest in preventive health Seeking the benefits, more number of people are opting, as it not only triggers weight loss but also helps the body to combat various chronic ailments.  I wish more people discover the benefits of preventive health, and can lead happy & healthy lives, beyond 100. This technique has gained attention for it’s incredible effects on both weight loss and on diseases. Since weight loss is a long journey for some, it is seen quite often that people who opt for healthy lifestyle be it by changing their diet or incorporating exercises in their day to day life, people tend to continue the healthy practice and hence we have seen people continuing the practice.” Said Mona Jauhar, Functional Medicine Nutrition.

    Once people start following the schedule of intermittent fasting are always recommended following it as the weight loss that occurs during the period, if left suddenly can also lead to tremenduous weight gain. Also disturb the hormonal balance and the digestive cycle.

    Medicine has taken an exponential leap this century. Preventive health has had a profound effect on human longevity, awareness, mental wellbeing. Unless any patient has a history of some chronic disease, diabetes, hypertention etc, people in any age bracket irrespective of gender are recommended. Such practices are known to well regulate the lipids in the body thereby maintaining the glycemic index. Apart from being a weight loss remedy, it also helps in developing a more active lifestyle.