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  • Prime Hospitals performs a rare ‘Adult Cardiac Rhabdomyoma Surgery’ first time in Andhra Pradesh

    Published on August 29, 2011

    Hyderabad: Prime Hospitals, with two full fledged, multi-speciality branches in Hyderabad (Ameerpet and Kukatpally) with a cumulative bed strength of 300, makes the city proud by doing a rare surgery – Adult Rhabdomyoma surgery, on a 25 year old male patient. The said patient previously approached various hospitals for the same surgery and was rejected everywhere because of high risk of death during surgery. He subsequently approached Prime Hospitals, and was treated successfully and is now fast recovering and ready to be discharged.

    Cardiac Rhabdomyomas are the most common primary tumors of the heart in infants and children. But they are so rare in adults that only 100 such cases are reported across the world so far since 1996. A Doctor team of Prime Hospitals including Dr. B. Vengal Reddy Cardio Thoracic Surgeon, Dr. C. Raghu, MD.DM FICP (France), Interventional Cardiologist; and Dr. M. S. S. Mukharjee, Interventional Cardiologist, performed the operation on the 16th of August.

    Cardiac Rhabdomyoma is a condition where there is a tumour in the heart chamber. In this case of this patient, the tumour was in the left ventricle of the heart i.e. within the pumping chamber of the heart, causing impairment of pumping and rhythm disturbances of the heart. Without surgery, the patient may have obstruction to the flow of blood and may die of heart failure. This rare surgery was performed for the first time in Andhra Pradesh. The surgery continued for three hours informed Dr. C. Raghu, speaking to the media men. This operation was done under special permission from the Aarogyasri Trust within its limit of Rs.75000/-. Otherwise it would have cost anywhere between Rs. 14-15 lakh rupees, informed Dr. C. Raghu while addressing the conference.

    Addressing a Press Conference in city today, Dr. B. Vengal Reddy, the Chief Cardio Thoracic Surgeon of the Prime Hospitals said that Cardiac tumors are rare at any age. Rhabdomyoma is one of the few rare tumours of the heart. They have an estimated occurrence rate of 1 in 6,000 to 1 in 10,000. In India a very few such surgeries are performed. Prime Hospitals is the only hospital among the 40 plus super specialty hospitals in the state to achieve this distinction.

    Cardiac rhabdomyoma is a rare tumour (190 cases in the literature so far). Since the first operation in 1959 in the US, the tumour has been removed in very few patients. An undesirable scar in the pumping chamber, the impairment of pumping and rhythm disturbances are the common complications of the surgery. The adult form of rhabdomyoma occurs primarily in middle-aged and older individuals and usually (70% of cases) in males, Dr. Reddy informed.

    Adding to the information, Dr. M.S.S. Mukharjee, Consultant Cardiologist said that though Cardiac rhabdomyoma is the most common benign cardiac tumor in infants, in adults, it is very rare. These tumors in the childhood are often spontaneously reversible but are associated with the right or left ventricular outflow tract obstruction, rhythm abnormalities and heart failure in adults, in whom surgery is often necessary.

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