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  • Priyanka Tiwari ups the game of YouTube with her “food with comedy” videos

    Published on October 18, 2021

    *She is one of the most followed female food vloggers in India, with a massive 2.3 million + subscribers on her channel.*_

    The more we throw light upon the successes of the many women professionals worldwide, the more we feel to talk about them. This is because these beautiful and intelligent ladies have been rocking certain industries with their natural talents, astuteness and creative abilities and skills. They have been proving to the world that women can even create opportunities for themselves and do not have to rely on the opportunities given to them. That is how they have also been ruling the social media world, where we can notice the meteoric rise of women influencers and vloggers across varied niches. Their hunger to inspire greatness and innovativeness in content has what allowed them to fly high with success. We couldn’t help but notice the evident growth and progress of one such vlogger and YouTuber named Priyanka Tiwari, a young social media talent who started off as an actor and now has changed the trajectory of her career becoming a sought-after food vlogger and YouTuber.

    Priyanka Tiwari is the one who rose to fame when she came up with her 24-hour budget food challenges on social media, where she began her series with videos like “Living on ₹100 for 24 hours challenge”, which was followed by ₹200, ₹50, ₹10, ₹500, ₹250, ₹2000. Bringing newness to the table as a YouTuber and being her natural self in front of the camera with her honest opinions and vlogs on food brought her insane fame and recognition.

    Another reason that has acted as a distinguishing factor for this talented food vlogger and YouTuber is her humorous side incorporates into her videos and content. Creating videos with the perfect combination of food with comedy has also propelled her forward. Recently, the Sushi Challenge by Gaurav Kapoor became viral on social media, Priyanka Tiwari capitalized on the opportunity and the trend, and her Sushi Challenge of Gaurav Kapoor reel turned into reality.

    Creating unique food content like biggest food, smallest food, and sushi reel have all helped the ace YouTuber up the game of content creation on the platform, ultimately inspiring many other aspiring vloggers and YouTubers worldwide.

    Do not forget to subscribe to her YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/PriyankaTiwari, where she enjoys 2.3 million+ subscribers and follow her on Instagram @priyankaatiwari.


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