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  • Tuesday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 11:53:46
  • Instagram provides its users with a lot of possibilities to scale their business promotion or reach to a larger segment on the social media community. However, it also comes with several challenges as well that the users should know and overcome. It is for this reason the users, especially the business marketers should know a bit of Instagram mobile engineering. This will help them to know the best ways to provide value to the users as well as your content.

    Since its acquisition in 2012 by Facebook, Instagram has introduced useful features in it. some of these features and tools allow:

    • Code sharing
    • Higher iteration speeds
    • Live and Hot Reloading.

    However, there are challenges in integrating Instagram into business marketing apart from that fact that you will need to do some additional work for the success of such integration. You can overcome these challenges by porting the simplest Push Notifications view.

    • This view will help you to know and build the necessary navigation infrastructure to help the users.
    • It will also help you to create a simple user interface and translations that will help the server as well as the users to understand.

    You will also need to know the Android methods so that you can deal with the dependency without having to pull up the entire library. In doing so you will be benefited in different ways such as:

    • Increase the binary size
    • Create a better impact on the method counts and
    • Know the performance consequences.

    You can use different tools and metrics for this purpose that will help you to selectively pull in those vie managers that are required instead of the entire library. You will be able to write your own implementations and end up adding larger number of methods.

    One such tool is React Native. When you write your implementations using this specific tool you will not need to define Java methods.

    Push notification settings experiment

    Make sure that experiment with the push notification settings so that you can get proper and more insights on its impact on different metrics. This may include out of memories and crashes as well. when you find the right settings, you will see that the metrics are neutral on the initial experiment as well as when the users leave the features. That means that there is no need to re-create it every time you enter.

    This will better the startup performance and overhead. This is because you will no more need to inject the JavaScript bundle into the JavaScript Core, whether it is for an iOS or for an Android device. This will in turn instantiate view managers and better native modules.

    For better and proper Instagram integration you will need to bridge the gap to find out whether or not the tradeoffs will make any sense for you. to do this you will have to:

    • Port the existing native Edit Profile view and
    • Build product infrastructure in parallel.

    This infrastructure will include translations, navigation, and the core components. All these will enable you to leverage better ideas for brand promotion through Instagram that is integrated into the framework. In the end, you will be able to gain more followers and not need to buy real Instagram followers to increase the footfall in your website using them.

    Real life and Instagram Playground

    If you are new to Instagramming or integrating it with your business marketing, you may tend to think how exactly real life may compete or blend with Instagram Playground. You may think that there are beautiful places and locations which will offer a perfect setting for taking pictures that are highly shareable, and that is all about it.

    It may not fit in for art or travel or have anything to do with the wide-open world in general. Taking photograph may not become an experience in such situations.

    Real life examples

    Remember the Beyoncé posts into her Instagram feed that featured the then-pregnant singer with her daughter and other celebrities? Well, posts like these by itself has enough merits to become the talk of the Instagram community. These posts can create hundreds of blog posts all over the internet adoring it.

    • The reason behind this is the compelling setting of the celebration. However, without the framework of a geotag, it will not be possible for the casual scrollers to imagine that a particular post like this reflects the natural habitat of the objects in the post. They will come up with controversial comments on a Boomerang of them.
    • It is also the space and features that will make an Instagram post attractive and create a high level of engagement among the people. You will need to be creative to the hilt with your posts and this will be easy with the features and tools that this platform provides.

    This means that you will be able to create posts on Instagram that create a better connection with the users resulting in a more meaningful conversation in this experiential space.

    Something new to do

    In order to cerate a better impression on Instagram, you will need to do something new and more creative. Look to post something that is more involving and engaging as well as stylish.

    • You will also need to create a better profile that will tell about you in the briefest yet in the best way possible.
    • If you are selling products and services, you will need top add a link of your official website in your profile as well. this will increase the number of organic traffic to your site as well as the chances of conversion into loyal prospects.

    It is all about engaging people more and more with your posts on Instagram. Therefore, select the best photos to describe your product and yourself. Add a human touch to it with relevant pictures as well along with a short video with a real user featuring in it.

    Lastly, create a brand-supported setting and use celebrities and influencers, YouTube personalities and Instagram socialites. This will make your posts go viral on Instagram and other social media feeds.