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    Producer Shamsudeen Macheri Paramba Aka Suhail Ahmed shares experience of his song Saturday Nawab

    Published on May 1, 2021

    Hailing from common backgrounds, some entrepreneurs began to establish their businesses from a very tender age. Their resilience has added to their success today.

    In the history of the business world, we meet many personalities who showcase a high level of business mind. These individuals show unbelievable determination and talent, which help them administer their individual businesses and build businesses from the bare tiniest resources they possess.

    Hailing from common backgrounds, some of these entrepreneurs began establishing their businesses from a very youthful age. Their resilience has contributed to their success today. Today we will talk about an entrepreneur who is investing in multiple businesses and with that living his passion by producing songs by Shamsuddeen Macheri Paramba.

    Shamsuddeen Macheri Paramba aka Suhail Ahmed:
    Delhi Based entrepreneur has built a strong tree of businesses. From shopping malls, hotels and travel companies and now in the music industry. He is a self-made entrepreneur who is building a chain of industries in multiple streams.

    Shamsuddeen Macheri, aka Suhail Ahmed, is also investing big in clubs and its branches are now all across India. Being a nightlife lover and entrepreneur, he knows Clubs are the best investment option in top metro cities in India. So he came up with a nightclub named White India, Club Playboy in New Delhi, Glo in Dubai and Mnky Houz in New Delhi.

    He is a party lover and party-giver. Night parties that happen in his clubs are rated best. All the cream audiences visit his Clubs, and the centre of attraction is always a top DJ’s which gives the public a night of their life. In his clubs, you will see all the A-Grade artists entertain people.

    Besides business, he is a music lover, and I guess this entrepreneur doesn’t hesitate to invest in his dreams. He produced multiple songs, which became a super hit song in recent times on Youtube and other music platforms.

    “Saturday: Nawab”, penned by Sucha Yaar and music given by DJ Yogii and went ahead in also producing the song “Video Bana De” by Sukh-E Muzical Doctorz & Aastha Gill

    Both of these music videos have earned millions of views on YouTube.
    Entrepreneur of India and Dubai or a producer for music, Shamsuddeen Macheri Paramba, aka Suhail Ahmed, has truly become an inspirational leader. Many young ones followed his footsteps to make a mark in life.

    To know more, follow him on Instagram @suhail_7093.