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  • Monday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 06:28:30
  •  Bengaluru : Promilo, a Cloud-based startup headquartered in Bengaluru, announces the introduction of its franchise models, FIFO (Franchising Investor, Franchising Operated) and FICO (Franchising investor, Company Operated). As a player in addressing challenges across various sectors such as education, recruitment, and meet-ups, Promilo has identified key obstacles hindering the success of franchise businesses in India, including issues with team management and ensuring customer satisfaction at scale.

    Franchising in India has often faced difficulties due to the challenges of team management and meeting customer satisfaction requirements on a large scale. Understanding the significance of these hurdles, Promilo is coming up with a new approach to franchise ownership. With the launch of FIFO and FICO, Promilo aims to provide entrepreneurs with the tools they need to overcome these challenges and focus on growing their businesses effectively.

    “At Promilo, we recognize the importance of addressing the common challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the franchise industry,” said Sam P Philip – Co-founder, director, and Investor, Promilo. “With FIFO and FICO, we are not only offering innovative franchise models but also providing solutions to the prevalent issues that have hindered the success of franchise businesses in India.”

    The FIFO model empowers entrepreneurs to invest in and operate their franchises independently, leveraging Promilo’s proven business model and support systems to drive profitability. This model enables franchise owners to take charge of their businesses from the outset, allowing them to address challenges such as team management and customer satisfaction effectively.

    The FICO model allows investors to participate in franchise ownership without the day-to-day operational responsibilities. Promilo manages the business on behalf of the investor, alleviating concerns about team management and customer satisfaction while ensuring profitability and growth.

    Both FIFO and FICO embody Promilo’s commitment to empowering entrepreneurs and addressing common challenges businesses face. By offering flexible franchise options and comprehensive support, Promilo aims to enable entrepreneurs to overcome obstacles and achieve success in the competitive Indian market.


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