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    Prophetic Octopus Gets It Right Again

    Published on July 15, 2010

    The winner picking, psychic octopus known for his startlingly exact World Cup guesses, has received death threats. Paul, the oracle octopus whose premonitions perfectly predicted the results of all six German World Cup games, first generated anger from Argentinean fans who felt his pick predestined Argentina in the quarterfinals.

    The brilliant and beautiful octopus accurately predicted all four of Germany’s victories, as well as their upset loss to Serbia and semi-finals defeat at the hands of Spain. Germans are therefore, not terribly happy with Paul either, after his contentious choice selection of saying Spain would beat Germany, even though the pick turned out to be correct.

    “There are always people who want to eat our octopus but he is not shy and we are here to protect him as well. He will survive,” said Paul’s wardens in Germany, Oberhausen.

    A spokesman for the Sea Life Aquarium in Oberhausen gave the octopus an out, prior to the final game. “It will only happen if he is deemed not too tired and still hungry. We do not want to overburden him.”

    The magnificent mollusk made his selections from flag draped boxes within his tank. Whichever box Paul selected was said to be the winner of the next game. Each box held a tasty morsel inside.

    Eventually Paul correctly chose Spain as the winner. An enterprising business person leapt on the band wagon and quickly produced hats with an octopus on top, in the Spanish colours.

    The prophetic prognosis of the octopus even produced an online hoax, with a primitive Photoshopper creating a fraud Paul pick.

    Not to be outdone by Germany Singapore produced a rose-ringed parakeet. Mani predicted all four countries for the World Cup semi-finals. However, Mani blotted his copy book, when he chose Uruguay to win over the Netherthlands.

    Then the predictions of Mani and Paul came in direct conflict to each other. Making a lot of Dutch people very happy, Mani chose the Netherlands to win the Final, while Paul opted for Spain.

    Maniyappa, a roadside astrologer, of Indian origin is the owner of Mani, who promoted the traffic to Maniyappa’s small business in Singapore’s Little India, when the customers increased from 10 a day to 10 an hour.

    Just what will these two intrepid creatures turn their talents to next?