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  • Protecting Students & Teachers from the Virus After Reopening of Schools with Shycocan

    Published on September 24, 2021

    Plug & play device is up to 99.9%* effective against the Coronavirus!

    Hyderabad : As schools, colleges, and educational institutes reopen across various states, there are still serious concerns about the safety of students, teachers, and staff, especially since children are not eligible for the vaccine yet. Besides the standard protocols of hand hygiene, double vaccination of all staff, regular disinfection of spaces, technology can play an important role in ensuring up to 99.9%* protection from transmission of the virus as new strains, mutations and fear about a potential 3rd wave  

    Several educational bodies and schools such as All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), National Skill Development Corporation, Ramco Institute of Technology in Chennai, Harvest International School in Bengaluru, Fatepur Girls High School in West Bengal, Mount Abu School, Vivekananda International, Indraprastha International School and many more have embraced the life-saving technology of Shycocan, which is the world’s first virus attenuation device that neutralizes all viruses 24*7 to ensure infection-free spaces.

    The Shycocan device was developed after a decade of research and uses a revolutionary new Photon Mediated Electron Emission Technology. Each device covers an area of up to 1,000 square feet of uninterrupted enclosed spaces. Schools and other educational Institutes can simply use more devices for larger areas like assembly halls, cafeterias, staff rooms. It is a CE Class 1 device that already conforms to the regulatory requirements of many countries globally. Several international schools across the UAE and Europe have also installed the device in their campuses.

    Ms Els Noor, a teacher at Waterlands School, said, “When I enter the classroom at the start of the day, my pupils already have turned on the device as they know how important it is for our safety. We have a Shycocan device in every classroom, except for one. In that particular classroom without a Shycocan there was a Coronavirus outbreak. Shycocan creates a safe environment, and we can work normally without fear or concern about the virus. I strongly suggest that the government should hand out Shycocans to all schools.”

    Mrs. Ramona, a pupil’s mother said, “The Shycocan is proof for me that the school did everything possible to protect my child. It ensures my son can go to school without being afraid of getting infected. At home too we have installed the Shycocan and we do not have to worry about getting infected. I think every school should use this device for the protection of the pupils.”

    Commenting on the same, Mr. Alok Sharma, Chief Executive Officer, Shycocan Corporation, said, “The virus has taken away children’s childhoods. There is as much learning that happens on playgrounds as in classrooms. But given that children aren’t yet vaccinated, we must give them safety and the confidence to be able to hug a friend without worrying. The Shycocan disables the entire family of Coronavirus and all its variants, mutations with up to 99.9% efficacy in enclosed spaces.”

    The Shycocan is the first in line of Viral Defense Systems and is among the most tested devices for both efficacy and safety across multiple accredited laboratories worldwide. And it has consistently excelled in all the tests. The Shycocan Corporation hopes to help children get back to school safely and help bring life back to normal!


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