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  • Monday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 10:00:28
  • A protest was held in the Dhaka University area on Friday against the repression reportedly carried out by the Chinese government on Uighur Muslims. The speakers at the rally demanded intervention by the UN and International Criminal Court (ICC) to stop the atrocities and investigate the matter.

    The protest was organised by Muktijudha Manch which formed a human chain, held a protest rally and exhibition program demanding an end to the killings and torture of Uighur Muslims in China.

    Addressing the rally, General Secretary  of the Muktijudha Manch Al Mamun said that millions of Muslims living in China’s Xinjiang provine are suffering inhuman torture and persecution, reported Ittefaq. Condemning the Chinese atrocities Al Mamun said that the social, political, economic and religious freedom of the Uighur Muslims must be ensured.

    President of the Manch Aminul Islam Babul said that millions of Uighur Muslims have been detained in camps in Xinjiang province. He said, the Chinese government is keeping the Uighurs under surveillance and inflicts torture of various kinds like hanging and beating upon them. Condemning the Chinese atrocities, the Manch demanded that the International Criminal Court should try China for genocide of Uighurs.

    The Xinjiang province situated in the northwestern region of China is home to the Turkic speaking ethnic group ‘Uighur’ who are mostly Muslims. Chinese government has been accused of forced detention of Uighurs in specially designed camps and torture ostensibly to control spread of extremism in the area especially since 2017.