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  • Protium Amp’d – The Next Big Thing In Indie Music – Goes Live On October 19, 2022!

    Published on October 21, 2022

    • Protium Amp’d – the brainchild of the pan India lending major, Protium – is primed to be the foremost platform for Indie artists.

    Having made its presence felt as a distinctive lending and finance platform, Protium is all set to dive headlong into the world of Indie music! With the launch of Protium Amp’d, the company will take its philosophy of fueling ambition and apply it to budding singers and musicians across the country. Starting October 19, 2022, Protium’s corporate offices will turn into stomping grounds for a musical talent every week.

    Excited at seeing what was merely ‘an idea in a meeting’ turn into ground reality, Jiby Mathew Antony, MD Marketing and Growth, believes that extraordinary musicians can be found in the most ordinary places. “Amp’d hopes to give such artistes a platform that promises both reach and viewership. As a music asset and as a brand property, Protium Amp’d has the potential to be the next big thing in the Indie music space.”

    Protium’s marketing philosophy is to “be the voice & not the noise.” We strongly believe Protium Amp’d is going to be voice for thousands of ambitious Indie artists and enable them to reach out to masses with their exceptional talent. Protium Amp’d  is a brand property that stays true to Protium’s promise of Fueling Ambitions.

    This new venture is very much in keeping with Protium’s reputation as a company that sets its own rules instead of blindly following those established by earlier players in the segment. In a radical departure from the regular model of digital finance companies, it was the first engineering-driven lending major to adopt an integrated approach to reach its customers by building a strong online and offline presence. Protium added to its array of marketing innovations by launching a series of mobile van activities that allowed its executives to visit small business owners to understand their credit needs. Coupled this with a strong offline presence of over 80+ branches, Protium has already fueled the ambitions of 1,00,000+ MSME’s and accounts for a loan book of INR 1,850 Cr at 0.22%NPA.

    This innovative spirit is now set to thrive through Protium Amp’d, which will go live in the next few days. The company expects a 300-strong audience to its ground event and a further viewership of 5,00,000+ via live streaming of the event. Amp’d will host a new singer/musician every Wednesday at one of its offices across the country. This could be just the chance every budding Indie musician needs. If you’ve got talent, Amp’d could be the wind beneath your wings.


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