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  • PSA Oxygen Plant launched at Batra Hospital in collaboration with MVS Engineering

    Published on September 10, 2021

    • MVS Engineering installs onsite oxygen generation plant at the premises of Delhi’s Batra hospital
    • With a capacity of 500 LPM or 30 Nm3/hr, the plant is expected to serve around 150 hospital beds
    • This is the first onsite plant at the nearly 500-bed capacity hospital, a prominent destination for both national and international patients
    • Delhi government’s recent notification on providing subsidies to private players for production, storage and transportation of medical oxygen is a timely coincidence
    • Another similar plant of similar capacity in the coming future has already been under discussions between MVS and Batra hospital

    New Delhi : In a major impetus to Delhi’s medical oxygen preparedness, a development critical to the city-state’s fightback against Covid-19, MVS Engineering, India’s leading onsiteoxygen generation solutions provider has set up an onsite oxygen generation plant at the popular Batra hospital here. The development ties in with the Delhi government’s recent notification on subsidies incentivizing the industry players to invest in production, storage and transportation of medical oxygen. 

    With a capacity of 500 LPM or 30 Nm3/hr, the MVS plant has been estimated to provide sufficient oxygen to around 150 hospital beds. Delivered ahead of schedule, the MVS OXYMED PSA Oxygen plant is the first onsite oxygen plant installed at the hospital. Until now, the hospital has been dependent on liquid oxygen tanks and back up cylinders. Importantly, MVS Engineeringand the hospital are already in discussions to set up another similar plant of similar capacity at the hospital in the coming future.

    “We all know how Delhi and indeed the whole country had struggled with maintaining uninterrupted supplies of medical oxygen during the dreadful second Covid wave. In that backdrop, we are happy to have set up and commission this on site oxygen generation plant at this prominent hospital in the national capital.We are also given to understand that the hospital authorities had conducted rigorous due diligence and reference checks for deciding upon the awarding of this contract. As such, it has been all the more satisfying as a quality in-house oxygen generation solutions provider. We must also record our acknowledgement of Batra hospital personnel particularly the engineering and procurement team for not only having the installation site ready much in time but also for extending full cooperation to us throughout the whole exercise, a factor that was decisive in our delivering the plant even ahead of schedule. While this may be the first plant that we have done for Batra, we are certain that more such projects will follow and this partnership will only grow from strength to strength even in the post-Covid environment,”said SiddharthRastogi, Executive Director at MVS Engineering Pvt Ltd.

    “Earlier liquid medical oxygen and compressed oxygen gas cylinders were used but during covid pandemic, we faced oxygen shortage as demand was higher than usual. Although we have 16 and 6 kl each oxygen vessel that normally meet the requirements for 15 days but during the pandemic there was overall a much larger demand of oxygen. So we faced difficulty and when our next refill of liquid oxygen will be done. It’s during those days we started researching and exploring the solution for this. The government is doing its bit by creating additional liquid oxygen storage in the city and has got more vessels to transport it. Then we heard about the PSA (pressure swing absorption) oxygen plant and decided to have our own PSA Oxygen plant. Then we came to know about MVS and their remarkable work for the past several years in this field. And we decided to install MVS PSA O2 plant of 30 cubic metre. MVS was very supportive and  prompt in giving all the information. They have set up the plant much before the stipulated delivery date. We are proud to say that Batra hospital is the first large multispecialty private hospital to set up an oxygen plant of its own. It will help us in difficult times.  We will continue to work with MVS for further requirements, ,” said Dr Pavan Gurha, Chairman Procurement Committee and Head Anaesthesia & Critical Care, Batra Hospital.


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