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  • Mumbai: Well known filmmaker Sanjay Jadhav is shooting successfully at Panvel since April 19, 2014 and fighting hard against all odds. After Duniyadari, Sanjay Jadhav under Dreaming TwentyFour Seven and STV comes back with another hit formula, Pyaar Vali Love Story.

    On the bright sunny days, the extreme temperature reaches upto 40 degree centigrade, an uphill task to shoot with the unit of more than 250 members. The entire set is created at Panvel and all the major sequences and dance numbers are shot under the extreme temperature currently experienced in Mumbai.

    To match the pace of the shot with the planned schedule, the production house is taking utmost care of the cast and crew. During day, specials shades are created for the artists and technicians to rest. One of the cooling agent and loved fruit, Watermelons are on rotations in the trays along with ice blocks for each member. The food on the set also includes buttermilk and curd to control the heat in the body.

    Talking during shoot Sanjay Jadhav said, “I’m glad to have such a team who is equally passionate towards the movie as I’m. Truly on few occasion, the heat in unbearable but the team keeps the lighter mood and fun element alive. The shot of Pyaar Vali Love Story is heading smooth with every day passing. As per our planned schedule, we may wrap up the shoot by May 10. I would specially like to thank our producers to spend extra on our health and safety. Hope all our sweat and blood results into a complete package of entertainment and world class cinema”.

    Pyaar Vali Love Story team truly explains the moto `If there’s a will, there’s a way’ with their unconditional passion and love towards the movie.

    Source: Lokesh Shastri


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