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  • Quote from Anshuman Magazine, Chairman and CEO, India, South East Asia, Middle East and Africa, CBRE on FDI in single-brand retail

    Published on August 29, 2019

    “These positive changes in the policy will position India as an attractive investment destination for global retailers, opening more job opportunities in the sector while simultaneously augmenting indigenous manufacturing and exports. The relaxation in sourcing norms for single brand retailers and allowance to set up e commerce operations before setting up physical stores will not only benefit domestic exporters of India made goods but would also provide greater flexibility and ease of operations for retail players. Simplification of the FDI norms will also open doors for multiple employment opportunities at various levels of the manufacturing lifecycle. This is a welcome move considering the fact that foreign investment is immensely crucial for the country which is looking to double its economy to 5 trillion dollars over the next five years.”