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  • Sunday, December, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:39:25
  • “At Embassy Group, environmental conservation and sustainability are intrinsic to our company’s culture. We aim to drive positive change by building public involvement and awareness. With World Water Monitoring Day around the corner, Embassy Group seeks to achieve harmony between our business practices and conserving water resources. We strongly believe that the protection of water resources around the globe has become extremely crucial with rising globalisation leading to water pollution, toxification of groundwater, water degradation, and other serious threats to the environment.

    There is an urgent need to have a balance between nature and business practices. As a part of our holistic health & hygiene program for government schools in Bengaluru, Embassy has successfully installed 12 RO drinking water units in our adopted schools. We not only install the RO machines but also maintain them for children to have access to clean drinking water. All the government schools that we work in have handwashing facilities, while ensuring no water wastage is generated. Good resource management practices are an integral part of our operations. Therefore, our methods involve water conservation, water recycling, and wastewater management that ensure all water is managed in a scientific and responsible manner without causing any harm to waterbodies. As responsible corporates, it is our duty to ensure that our citizens are aware of the protection of water resources and empowered to take informed decisions when it comes to environmental safety.

    Embassy also supports the Thimmasandra and Tarahunise lakes in North Bengaluru, closely monitoring them in terms of water quality and biodiversity, in collaboration with NGO partner, The Anonymous Indian Charitable Trust. 135 tree saplings, native to the area and lake-friendly, were planted around the lakes to build biodiversity and help their micro-climate. Vetiver grass was planted as well to strengthen the bunds.

    Collaboration is the key to revitalising our environment and transitioning to a green economy. Our agenda must be to join hands with other corporates, the government, and NGOs to create a culture of corporate sustainability to deepen our collective efforts towards saving our planet. As champions of sustainable practices, we are focused on continuing our endeavours to reduce environmental degradation and embrace greener communities.”


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