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  • Quote from Mr. Anant Deshpande, DigiCert Regional Vice President, India & ASEAN

    Published on October 30, 2023

    “In an era defined by digital transformation, India stands at the cusp of unprecedented technological growth. The proliferation of the internet has brought immense opportunities and conveniences, but it has also ushered in an era of heightened cyber threats. At Digicert, we recognize the imperative for increased awareness surrounding internet security in India. The threat landscape in India is evolving at an alarming rate. With the rapid digitization of services, businesses, and personal data, cybercriminals are becoming increasingly sophisticated. Phishing attacks, ransomware, data breaches, and other malicious activities are on the rise. India has witnessed a surge in cybercrimes, affecting individuals, organizations, and even government bodies.

    It is crucial for all stakeholders to acknowledge the gravity of this situation and take proactive measures. Awareness is the first line of defense. By educating individuals and organizations about the importance of internet security, we can mitigate the risks and build a resilient digital ecosystem. This includes implementing robust encryption, strong authentication measures, and keeping software and systems up to date.

    Digicert is committed to advancing internet security in India. The underpinning of Digital Security is Digital Trust. From securing online communications, to keeping software safe, to safeguarding connected devices ,to  certifying the security of digital documents, Digicert provides cutting-edge solutions across the trust lifecycle, including SSL certificates that are invaluable to establishing Digital Trust, and thereby Digital Privacy.  However, our mission goes beyond technology. We actively promote awareness, empowering Indians to make informed choices and safeguard their digital lives.

    In this interconnected world, collective vigilance is paramount. Together, we can navigate the complex threat landscape and create a safer, more secure digital environment for India’s future.”


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