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  • Quote on the Jet Airways fiasco from Mr. Hari Ganapathy, Co-Founder, Pickyourtrail

    Published on April 19, 2019

    “The turn of events with respect to Jet Airways is disheartening. It is a sad day for Indian aviation, with one of the biggest players in the industry shutting shop. Jet had built a brand on great service and a loyalty program that many swore by, its sad to see disruption at this scale affecting scores of travellers.

    At Pickyourtrail,close to 12% of our Europe and ANZ travellers had Jet or their codeshare partners booked for their travel. We have proactively managed to move them to other flights. Also about 45 days back we stopped showing jet options on the product, while we lost some bookings (Jet was running cheap fares to Europe at that time) we wanted to ensure we minimized chances of poor experience.The biggest concern for travellers right now is the refund amount that Jet is liable to pay for all passengers who have cancelled their flights and rebooked on other airlines.”


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