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  • Monday, December, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:58:05
  • By Naveen GV, Corporate Officer and Managing Director, AAPAC, Benchmark Gensuite

    In this pivotal age of environmental responsibility, EHS & ESG digital solutions are a cornerstone for organizations looking to excel in environmental, health, and safety performance. Recent years have seen a surge of growth and innovation in this field, responding to critical operational & performance needs. It’s now indispensable for organizations striving to navigate their responsibilities effectively while meeting the escalating demands for sustainability and ESG reporting in the corporate world.

    Many organizations grapple with the manual collection and management of data pertaining to their Environment, Health, Safety (EHS), Sustainability, and ESG initiatives. This manual approach not only introduces the potential for errors but also leads to operational inefficiencies and complexities in data aggregation for reporting. The absence of a centralized system exacerbates these challenges, leaving organizations with limited insight into their EHS and ESG performance and struggling to establish accountability for sustainability goals across departments and individuals. This is where our solution comes into play. Benchmark Gensuite has emerged as a  unified solution, addressing critical environmental and sustainability hurdles. It partners with organizations with a single digital platform, enabling them to effectively manage and diminish their environmental footprint, uphold compliance with EHS regulations, propel sustainability endeavors, and streamline ESG reporting.

    We believe that together we hold the potential to craft a world that thrives in harmony with nature and embraces a safer, more sustainable tomorrow


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