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  • Rahul unfolds points that shaped up FNF MEDIA as a top notch influencer marketing venture

    Published on June 14, 2021

    Digital entrepreneur Rahul Kumar Pandey procures services of internet promotion for brands and celebrities, Influencer marketing, Press Releases, Website development, and  Social Media Management through his digital marketing company, FNF Media. The influencer marketing Guru is also setting up to launch an application and a website for influencers by collaborating with numerous prominent brands.

    Segregating himself from the crowd brings Rahul Kumar Pandey to believe that being from a small town doesn’t matter. It is only the will that leverages something when it arrives at attaining something massive. The enthusiasm and smart working essence could steer a person on the aisle of success and that’s what Rahul is sanctifying best through his business voyage.

    Having founded FNF Media-Your Precise Digital Path, at a very young age, Rahul allocated all his knowledge of Digital Marketing and media into his venture. He commenced with his learning about Influencer and PR marketing while he continued to pursue his degree in Civil Engineering.

    Having collaborated with and managed the work of many notable artists and brands, he procures growth strategies for your brand’s positioning. His work has been acclaimed by top celebrities. Rahul has a strong vision for FNF MEDIA which is booming the digital marketing industry and spreading his agency to reach PAN India.

    Through his plans to launch an application, he envisions assisting influencers in getting collaborations and also the youth to work from home and helping hand in this pandemic. This platform will help brands and influencers where they can collaborate for influencer marketing services.

    Coming from a Bihari background, Rahul has seen the perceptions attached to the community. He says, “People have a very narrow perception of this community and believe that we are somewhere not meant to be entrepreneurs. They jump to conclusions and judge an entire community by one known person. I hope to somehow remove this concept and manifest that hailing from a small town doesn’t affect your will to become an entrepreneur.”

    FNF Media, being one of the most trusted and leading service providers in Digital Marketing is certainly anticipated to bring a ball game change in both the industry and the community.


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