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RailYatri app available in 8 Indian languages now

New Delhi: India has 22 main languages and we have various publications across 39 languages spoken in our country. Railyatri as a brand is meant for BHARAT users which comprise of 75% + audience who prefer their native language as the primary mode of communication or browsing. We were already available in Hindi language and are now adding eight new regional languages to make it easy for BHARAT users.

We provide multi-modal transportation solution for BHARAT users and are India’s fastest growing travel app. This launch will make our features and content available in overall 8 regional languages including HindiMarathi, Gujarati, Bengali, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Kannada. Currently, these languages are available to all RailYatri Android app users, but the facility would soon be launched in the iOS and Windows versions as well.

 “RailYatri is an app that is not only made in India but also made for Bharat users. We always strive to make the app simple and easy to use. And with that thought in mind, it is logical to connect to users through their native language. We understand that the users from Tier II and Tier III cities would much rather access our app in their native language”, commented Mr. Manish Rathi, CEO & Co-Founder RailYatri. 

“While RailYatri has continued to thrill the travellers with a wide array of travel services and information, we felt it was time to meet the expectations of users who would like to use this app in a language that is not English”, added Mr. Rathi. 

 “As the Indian language ecosystem is entirely different in comparison to any other country in the world,  by 2021, there will be over 500 million users of Indian languages while English users will be less than half the number.  Hindi-speaking users alone will overtake English-speaking users and Hindi will be the most used language on the Internet in India while Marathi, Bengali, Tamil and Telugu speaking internet users will form 30% of the total Indian language internet user base”– says Kapil Raizada, Co-founder, RailYatri.

RailYatri which has become multilingual app in India now, helps its users select and opt their own native language and use its features related to the information and services readily.

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