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Raksha Bandhan 2022: Gift With Goodness of Love and Ayurveda by Inveda

The best things in life come free of life and having a sibling is one of them. They are blessings in disguise although that is hard to believe most of the time! They are the people who bring out both the best and worst in you. They are the Tom to your Jerry. The Robin to your Batman. The Joey to your Chandler. They may drive you crazy, but somehow you always find your way back to each other. These special bonds are one of a kind and they should be celebrated with some extra love.

The best opportunity to rejoice with your siblings is actually right around the corner! Raksha Bandhan is the perfect opportunity to get together with your siblings and celebrate your friendship. But even if you have grown up with this person, it doesn’t mean it’s always easy to choose the perfect gift for them. You want to give your sibling something they like but also something that you feel is good for them. Don’t worry because we have you covered! We have compiled a list of natural ayurvedic products from INVEDA that your sibling is bound to fall in love with, instantly.

Best Skinvestment:

KumKumadi Tailam Combo, as the name suggests, has saffron oil; which is the guru of Ayurveda. It contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial properties that treat the skin from all concerns ranging from dryness to rough texture & acne. This combo includes – Face Cream, Face Scrub and Face Oil along with a free Gua Sha Face Massager as well as a Jade Roller. The perfect gift for your sister on such a special occasion.

Price: INR 2900

Skincare Bestie:

This all new Silkiness Restorer French Red Clay Kit is the skincare bestie you have been looking for! Enriched with beetroot, walnut, cedar wood & herbs, this all inclusive kit sloughs away all the dead cells and get you a flawless, even toned, satin smooth skin.

Price: INR 650

Your Haircare-Buddy:

When your natural glow is achieved with skincare, let’s focus on haircare where your shiny lengths need protection as well as nourishment. Hemakesa Hair Regrowth Oil is all you need to add to your champi routine to stimulate scalp and grow your hair with shine and strength. Curated with natural wonders such as Onion oil, Amla, Bhringraj and Jatamasi like 25+ natural exquisite herbs, this haircare buddy will always protect your hair from harshness all the time!

Price: INR 1200

Glow From Within:

Nothing beats the glow that comes from within! Made with the highest quality natural Vitamin E, Niacinamide, and Coconut extract to give you the most radiant skin possible and tone you up for it. Considering that people with dry skin frequently use vitamin E face cream. As a result, Inveda has created a face cream with Vitamin E + Niacinamide Moisturizing Cream | Deep Moisturizing Formula  that is suitable for all skin types and doesn’t feel at all gummy or oily. Whether it’s a special occasion or for daily use this deep moisturising formula will always have your back.

Price: INR 550

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