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  • Randy Douthit’s Secret to Staying Cool Under Pressure

    Published on November 29, 2023

    For Randy Douthit, producing over 100 episodes of the courtroom reality show Judy Justice in just three months is all in a day’s work. However, the fast-paced environment can cause serious stress. Douthit’s secret weapon? A lifelong meditation practice he had discovered back in college.

    Philosopher Walter Russell originally turned Douthit onto the benefits of looking inward. Russell believed all knowledge already exists within us, just waiting to be tapped into. “You have but to plug into it,” he said. Through meditation, Douthit is able to connect to his creative center and think clearly, even during hectic shoots.

    “You open up your mind and relax and just let things happen,” Douthit explains about his regular 15-minute meditation sessions. “You don’t want to force your thoughts. You just want to be able to think of good things and then stop thinking totally.”

    This ritual helps Douthit find his zone. As a director, he needs to orchestrate cameras and activity on the fly. Meditation allows him to ground himself amidst the chaos.

    Douthit takes a similar meditative approach to his favorite hobby, auto racing. Before accelerating, he’ll slowly drive the track to get a feel for the course. As he puts it, “You have to prepare to go fast.” Whether behind the wheel or behind the scenes, harnessing that initial spark is Douthit’s specialty.

    After nearly 30 years working with Judge Judy, Douthit knows a thing or two about channeling energy productively. “I’ve got to make sure the cameras are covering the right thing at the right time,” he says. Staying focused yet flexible is crucial.

    At the end of the day, Douthit credits his longevity in showbiz to his commitment to finding inner calm. While television work can be a pressure cooker, Douthit handles the heat through mindfulness.


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