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  • Friday, January, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:36:20
  • Life has become so complex and not so easy going with our daily hectic schedules as well as with the regular monotony, it has become dull.  You can’t deny the fact that every once in a while you get this feeling of taking a break for the sake of keeping yourself motivated. But have you ever seriously thought over it or even went on it after planning it with your friends and family. No! And every time, it is either because of the painful travelling or not getting a long weekend. What if I tell you that we have one of the best resort for staycation in Delhi NCR which is just an hour drive away from Delhi and a dope place to spend a relaxing as well as comfortable short weekend.

    The resort which we are talking about is “Rangmanch Farm” which is just 25 minutes from Hero Honda Chowk in Gurugram, Haryana.

    Rangmanch Farm

    This resort situated in Gurugram is like that mirage which normally occurs in Dessert’s when you have travelled under scorching heat but with a small difference that Rangmanch Farm exists in reality and welcomes their guest with dhol, music and dance. A place truly built to give your mind and body the peace it requires after a stressful long week and the best part is that you can reach this place from even travelling through the metro.

    You will experience the nature along with numerous other outdoor and indoor activities available at the best resort for staycation in Delhi NCR. Rangmanch Farm is a place that will take you into a trance with the fresh morning breeze and the sounds of birds chirping which is quite impossible to find around a metropolitan city like Delhi. However, Rangmanch Farm is a complete package that consists of the comfort of a resort and the feel of being in a hill station.

    Visit this place with your family on the coming weekend or any weekend you like and experience the art of pottery making, cultural dance, the long-lost play of puppets, atta chakki, rope show and much more. I can assure you of one thing that you will definitely forget to take your phone out even to click a photo because you will be so indulgeed in experiencing it.


    Rangmanch Farm is equipped with all the world-class resort amenities to mark this place as the best resort for staycation in Delhi NCR. From really helpful staff to such warm hospitality that can make any guest immediately feels comfortable and relaxed.

    Even the food is totally top-notch with a variety of food options like rular food, north Indian food or western food being available at the farm and who can forget about the welcome drinks. Apart from this, the rooms which are actually the star attraction of any resort are quite spacious and would easily be able to give you the experience of a grand hotel, plus there is a pool which the guest can enjoy.

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    So, what are you waiting for, come visit “Rangmanch Farm”, the best resort for staycation for Delhi NCR and experience a weekend surrounded by nature.