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  • Monday, September, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:53:06
  • Music Today presents RANJHA by famous singer JASBIR JASSI, the voice that brings out Jassi 4fragrance of Punjab.

    RANJHA is a romantic sufi song which has beautiful lyrics of how a beloved misses her lover and seeks to meet him. The song describes Heer missing her Ranjha and asking her friends to talk to her all day about him.  Based on Raag Pahari the song brings fresh air and breaks away from the monotony of appalling lyrics. The song is Sung, Written as well as composed by Jassi himself.


    Speaking on the album, MALA SEKHRI, COO-Music Today said “Music Today is proud to be associated with Jasbir jassi’s new track Ranjha. Presenting the artist in a new avatar – Ranjha is a delightful rendition of punjab’s sufi & folk tradition and is in keeping with Music Today’s mission in promoting excellence in music.”

    About Jasbir Jassi –

    Jasbir Jassi, the King of Punjabi Bhangra Pop is one of the most loved and widely-heard musical icons of our times. Best known for his album ‘Dil Le Gayi’, which was a chartbuster, Jassi (as he is popularly known) was one of the earliest singers to popularise this genre and set the trend for many other singers who followed his footsteps and his style in later years.

    Jassi received guidance from a gamut of musical legends at a very early age including his gurus VS Jolly and legendary Sufi singer Puran Shah Koti. His other musical influences include Ustad Shaukat Ali Khan and Baba Kashmira Singh ji who inspired him towards perfection in his field. He also has a strong poetic and theatre background. Little wonder then that Jassi’s performances reflect the depth which comes from his knowledge of folk literature.

    Beside his chartbuster albums, Jassi has given Bollywood hits including  ‘Laung da Lashkara’ for  Akshay Kumar starrer film ‘Patiala House’  that created history.  He lent his musical voice for the song  ‘Mahiya’ for film ‘Hope & A Little Sugar’ directed by Tanuja Chandra. He penned down, composed, and sang ‘Pyar mere nu’ in film ‘Dobara’  and he was highly appreciated for his musical senses. His song ‘Mel karade rabba’ for Punjabi film ‘Mel karade rabba’ and ‘Ik kudi utte’ for ‘Munde UK de’ were huge chartbusters.

    Source : Lokesh Shastri