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  • Rapper and Lyricist Talwar bhai’s songs crosses 10k plus Listens on Ganna

    Published on November 19, 2021

    To those who only see the spotlight, the entertainment industry appears to be a fairytale, but the struggle that goes on behind the scenes is genuine.While music is still the universal language, tunes appeal to different people in different genres.

    Rap music has certainly become a prominent kind of tunes in India. This has spawned a slew of young rappers in the nation, resulting in a large number of Indian rappers today. Some Indian artists have provided us with some fantastic hip hop rap tunes.

    However, rap music, although being a departure from traditional gratis music, has an influence here on the vast majority of people. With its unique, raw flare, the snappy phrase strung score of musical rhythms gets people gasping.

    Mumble rap, rap metal, lyrical rap, and desi hip-hop are among the most popular rap genres. As a result, an increasing number of young people are getting into rap and writing new rap songs.

    As we dug more into the realm of rap music and the Indian music industry, we came across Amit Sharma, also known as Talwar Bhai, a budding musician, rapper, and lyricist. His wonderful voice is taking him to new heights, and he’s become an internet phenomenon, with over one lakh views on YouTube for his past two songs. Talwar Bhai also has a Spotify and Apple Music account that has been validated.

    He applauds the industry’s digital progress, claiming that services such as Spotify have reduced the likelihood of piracy. “The new-age independent musicians will soon revolutionise the music business in the internet era,” says the author.

    Talwar Bhai, a rapper located in Jaipur, began his career in rapping in 2015. In 30 july 2015, he released his debut rap song, Phela rap, at a young age ( Kabir singh ). Not only that, but he wrote the first part of the song and had a hired lyricist write the second half. He is also highly interested in writing his own tunes. He has over 10 tracks on YouTube and other streaming sites to date.

    His mother and grandfather have always been there for him. Talwar’s grandfather gave him an iPod since he had a long-standing love in music. His mother has been his most steadfast ally throughout this trip, doing whatever she could to help him when he needed it.

    Amit revealed that his mother covered the whole cost of his debut song with her money so that Talwar could begin his musical career. And, having accomplished so much at quite an early age, he is working very hard to make her promises true.

    When we inquired about his sources of inspiration, he stated, “I don’t follow anyone, thus he is my sole source of inspiration!!” He believes that his artist name, TALWAR BHAI, is only a name to everyone else, but that it is a GOD and a feeling to him that motivates him to fulfil his life’s goals. Moreover Amit,claims that he wants to create a new musical ambiance for his listeners. He always concludes each song with the word “terayaartalwar,” and he owns both the logo and the rights to his stage name Talwar Bhai.

    We are truly amazed by Talwar Bhai, while we tune in to his beats, go check him out on the below link.