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  • Sunday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 02:59:25
  • 1.By Mr Shishir Jaipuria,


    Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group of Educational Institutions, Ghaziabad

    The announcement of Class XII results should be considered an achievement on the part of CBSE. It’s worth lauding that during the pandemic, CBSE was able to come up with a new criterion for evaluation and maintain neutrality in allocating marks with the help of technology. The results bring an end to the anxiety of students and parents, as students can now look forward to applying for higher studies. The CBSE has also kept an option open for those students who are not satisfied with their result. Given the trying circumstances, the board has done notably well to ensure that education of students does not suffer.

    2.Ms. Manju Rana

    Principal cum Director

    Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

    Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

    Class 12 CBSE Board Results are standardised procedure that tests all students on an equal platform and also are the touchstone of academic assessment in the Higher Education. The result this year has been completely calculated on the basis of the guidelines given by CBSE whereby we considered the components of classes X, XI & XII. This was the best procedure by which a comprehensive result could be arrived at and that would also benefit the students in these trying times. Despite our apprehensions of the results earlier, without the conduction of the Board Examinations, the CBSE evaluation guidelines were effectively placed and the result has been an excellent one

    3.Drishti Shishodia

    Class XII

    Batch 2020-2021

    Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

    Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

    ‘Im really pleased with the outcomes. I feel that the school and CBSE have done justice. Though some of the students were sceptical about the evaluation criteria, I feel Every Cloud Has a Silver Lining and you just have to find your silver lining.

    Also, I feel like if you have the capability and skills, you’ll surely get what you aim for. Your results are not just based on 1-year examination or 2-years examination evaluation, but your understanding of the past learnings. I am very happy with my result and the efforts of the school for a well-balanced result.

    4.Pal Aggarwal

    XII (Batch 2020-21)

    Seth Anandram Jaipuria School

    Vasundhara, Ghaziabad

    As the CBSE Board Exams could not be held this year due to the pandemic, the results had to be prepared on the past performance of the students. I am very satisfied with the result as it takes into account the overall performance of the students over the years and I think is the best possible solution which could be thought of in the present situation. I had been expecting this kind of a result and I am very happy to have received such an excellent score in Class XII. The evaluation process by CBSE did match up to our expectations and the efforts of the school to balance our academic performances over the past three years is praiseworthy.

    5.Dr. Rakhi Aggarwal

    Mother of Pal Aggarwal, Class XII, Seth Anandram Jaipuria School, Ghaziabad

    I think the Evaluation Policy devised by CBSE for this year was a wonderful idea as it is unbiased and also supports the students who have been consistent performers but could not give their best this year due to the stress of the pandemic and the shift to online teaching. So, I think it was the best solution which could be offered in this scenario. The school and the Board have done their best to render a well-balanced result. We are happy with the overall performance of our daughter.

    6.Prof Milind Padalkar


    The NorthCap University

    The day of CBSE results is generally full of excitement and nervous tension for students and parents. The education sector has been severely impacted by the Covid pandemic. Many were concerned about the mechanics and authenticity of results without the examinations. CBSE deserves to be congratulated for achieving a good balance between the reliability of results and student safety. The results are a testimony to the great work by CBSE through these difficult times to close the results without too much delay and ensure that the students are able to continue with their higher studies.

    7. Swaranjeet Arora

    HoD, School of Management and Liberal Arts

    The NorthCap University

    Today, the CBSE officially announced the Class XII results. Congratulations to all of the students for their perseverance in the face of the unprecedented pandemic situations of the last two years. With the digital shift, it has been extremely difficult for students across the country to maintain a high learning pace in these difficult times. Our country’s youth have once again demonstrated that their goals and aspirations transcend their surroundings.

    We at The NorthCap University’s School of Management applauds their efforts! Our 25-year journey has committed us to track the progress of management education over time and reaching new heights. The steady increase in the number of applicants each year has fueled our efforts to prepare not only scholars but also well-rounded citizens. We extend our best wishes to all of the young minds in our county for a brighter future.

    8. Dr. Sharda Vashist

    HOD & Associate Professor, EECE Department


    CBSE Class 12 Evaluation policy adopted by the Board after extensive consultation with all the stakeholders is found in the interest of the students and has been the best decision amidst the pandemic crisis. Class 12 students have been through a whirlwind due to the coronavirus pandemic for the last 1 year. It is said that ‘every cloud has a silver lining’; which in this scenario can be attributed to the virtual learning education a system that has come to the rescue students were engaged in productive and meaningful ways to minimize the losses.