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  • Saturday, January, 2023| Today's Market | Current Time: 12:03:46
  • Money Ball, two words that embody the true spirit of trading in the Stock Market business. If there’s something of quality to learn today, it’s at Money Ball Trading.

    The startup venture began in 2018 with a vision to create an experiential learning programme aiming to proliferate the growth of Indian traders.

    With India’s population being around 1.35 Billion, barely 2 percent are interested in the market and actively take part in it,

    whereas, 50% of the US population participates in the stock market. This is to say that there is a lot more to come.

    The stakes are high and business is risky, but this didn’t stop the founders Amaan Hamdani (25), Hrishita Gupta (20) and Akshay Mantri (24) and at Money Ball from going all in.

    Apart from being stock market traders, the young co-founders are successful entrepreneurs. The trio have created a stir in the trading world and their undying efforts to distribute their knowledge has made their venture one of the fastest growing educational service companies with nothing but exceptional reviews.

    For courses that would cost you easily between 25-70K, Money Ball Trading offers their 7 Day Stock Market Bootcamp www.amaanhamdani.com at a shocking 555 INR. At a price this low one would assume the quality to be so and so, but to every aspiring trader’s surprise, the course has been breaking records for maintaining unmatched standards. This brought in a wide audience and the deserved recognition from individuals who were now willing to be part of the Money Ball community.

    Their mantra is simple, “95% people lose money in the stock market. Choose to be the remaining 5%”. 

    The mentors at Money Ball Trading share a few tips – Keep your charts clean and remember that you will not find the best trading tricks through Indictors, calls, tips, general advice from financial experts on television.

    The Money Ball community www.moneyballtrading.net  of traders is undoubtedly growing faster than ever, having trained over 3000 people via their Elite Membership and the 7 Day Stock Market Bootcamp in the past 1 year.

    The company envisions expanding it’s reach to at least 1 Million Indians. They aim to build a community of like minded traders who can learn, grow and become successful traders/investors. They help budding traders grow at their own pace by providing a system that fits every trader’s requirements while also making them independent and financially responsible.


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