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Readers Book Club: Amit Kumarr’s road from Corporate to People’s Life

Reading a book is like wandering in someone’s orchard of ideas with the freedom to go whichever seems more pleasant and underexplored. Reading gives people the choice to interpret the world in ways they could have never thought of before. In 2019, after working for 15 years in the corporate world, Amit Kumarr started the YouTube Channel Readers Books Club in January as he had recently started reading books and inculcated the habit that helped him understand how he was missing out on some very important and interesting stuff. By this, he even realized that many people out in the world were also missing out on things as he did earlier. Therefore, to spread the knowledge he had learned from the books, he decided to upload it on YouTube so that everyone could learn something new.

Amit kumarr believes that books give us knowledge, which are our wings, and give us better perspective towards life. Most people lack the gift of time and finish reading books in ages. About 65% of the students can only afford their textbooks so buying further books for reading is more like a dream. Therefore, out idea was to give everyone the luxury of books without any monetary investment.

As Amit gave the voice-over for the videos using his iPhone, his wife Ashu, who is a professional Graphic Artist & Animator, created animations to match the voice-over. The idea behind this venture was not monetary but rather Educational. Amit’s motive was to spread the knowledge he had learned by reading the books and not to generate any money from YouTube. Unaware of the potential of social media, Amit posted informative content on YouTube and soon the responses started to increase. In the first year, there were about thirty thousand subscribers, the second year saw massive growth and the number increased to three lakhs while in the third year the number touched one million. This made Amit realize that people were willing to imbibe knowledge and were looking for platforms to learn from books.

In the words of Amit, “We have tried to cover every genre ranging from self-help, inspirational, motivational, personal finance, spiritual, mythology, Law of Attraction and every important and loved book that people wish to read. We are now working to expand the library further so that we can reach out to more people.” Amit launches two new videos every week, despite the lengthy nature of the videos. However, he always uses the tagline, “Hum book aur video ke content par kabhi bhi compromise nahi karte, isliye video ko end tak dekhna bahut zaruri hai.”

Now talking about the founder, Amit Kumarr, he also works as a professional Corporate trainer and delivers training to the corporate employees along with working for his YouTube channel. Readers Book Club is the dream of Amit, he is now focusing on the expansion so that he can cater to a greater audience and add more value to his work and their lives.  Along with this, Amit also runs a parallel channel named “Amit Kumarr Live” where he imparts free live sessions on any particular topic using workshops. He also plans to impart NLP trainings and Law of Attraction courses at an affordable cost to people as an objective for this year. Another goal for the coming year for Amit is to start podcasts and offer more knowledge to the people via maximum engagement.

Lastly, the depth of Amit’s idea is directly linked to being India specific as he wishes to reach even those corners where people crave knowledge and so he converses in Hindi to reach the maximum people. For him, the goal is to add value to the lives of people irrespective of their location and language and  he sums it up beautifully by saying, “There is nothing more powerful than the tool of knowledge and everyone deserves it no matter what the circumstances are.”

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