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  • Ready for Back-to-School 2021? You’ll Need These 4 Things as a Teacher

    Published on September 6, 2021

    Being a teacher is a noble and honorable profession that is just as important as being a doctor or a fireman. Although it has its challenges, it is very rewarding to be able to impact a student’s life at any stage of development in such a meaningful way. Undoubtedly, the dawn of COVID-19 has changed the back-to-school 2021 forecast. Teachers are preparing to tackle some uncharted territory and won’t necessarily be needing some of the usual supplies. Here are four things that can help make your 2021 school year a little less stressful.

    1. Digital Infrastructure

    For those teaching in higher education or privatized settings, you will definitely need access to an effective digital infrastructure. In order for your clients or students to compensate you for your educational services, it helps to have a reliable payment portal. Services like EdTech payments make it easy for you to grow your education-based business. If you’re offering your services online, be sure to have all of the software and hardware you need.

    2. Sanitizing Solutions

    If you’re going to be going back into the classroom, you will definitely need to have your own sanitizing supplies. This includes disinfecting sprays and wipes, tissues, hand sanitizer, and more. Although the school may provide you with some sanitizing options, it’s wise to have your own, because so many unexpected things can happen.

    3. Classroom Decor

    Usually, classroom decor consists of charts, posters, streamers, and more, but this school year COVID-19 protocols will need to be clearly posted in the classrooms. Posters will remind students to socially distance themselves, not to share food, hand washing practices, and more. The goal is to slow and eliminate the spread of the virus with little reminders to stay safe. Of course, you should still get your usual classroom embellishments to make your students more comfortable and inspire engagement, but this year will require a few extra health-related elements.

    4. Extras

    Typically teachers only need extras of traditional school supplies. But this school year you’ll want to have extra masks on hand in case a student loses, soils, or damages their mask. Additional extras can include soap, writing tools, pages, and lots of patience. Since so many students have either been out of school or attending classes virtually, getting back into the academic routine will take some adjustments. Students of all ages have experienced a lot of stress and anxiety surrounding their education, their limited social lives, and their health, so patience and compassion are two things that you will need plenty of at this time.

    We are definitely living in uncertain and unprecedented times. Many lives have been upended, but we still have to take care of our students. There have been a lot of challenges and many changes to the way we go about teaching learners, so the back-to-school season will be a little different this year. But together we can make it a great year that’s full of learning and fun.


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