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  • Reasons to Pass Microsoft AZ-304 Exam and Get Its Associated Certification

    Published on September 29, 2020

    Once you have passed your Microsoft AZ-303 exam, you know that your work is not done yet. You can become a certified Microsoft Azure Solutions Architect Expert only if you pass one more test which is coded AZ-304. Author: Isaac U However, once you finalize this certification process, you will become part of an exclusive group of certified individuals who know how to manage Azure architecture. So, is AZ-304 certification assessment worth the effort? All candidates who took AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams know that they are not a piece of cake. Also, successful exam-passers mention that they had to go through different training options before they finally managed to get the passing score they aimed at. Author: Avery F However, they also make known that if they compare the effort put with the benefits acquired, they can guarantee that the benefits will outweigh all the sleepless nights and investments. So, keep reading the paragraphs below to learn why you should tackle the Microsoft AZ-304 exam and earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert badge.

    Career Opportunities

    As we already highlighted, winning the above-mentioned certification helps you become part of an exclusive group of specialists who share the same knowledge and experience. Therefore, you will automatically become a target for Mary T international recruiters who need experienced Azure professionals. Also, you will be surprised by offers and different career opportunities that will boost your self-confidence. This credential is valid proof that you can make a positive impact on any business processes and add value to any team. So, why not start preparing for AZ-304 right now?

    Getting Access to Innovative Technology

    Currently, cloud computing is one of the newest technology trends. Companies are shifting their operations online and so they need accredited experts who can work remotely and deliver high performance to their processes. 22% OFF Here Also, these trends are going to ascend soon so Azure solutions and products will be more popular and have a large-scale use in the future. Thus, by finalizing your certification process by passing this Microsoft AZ-304 assessment, you will keep pace with the current updates and be able to implement Azure technology in any business scenario.

    Using Top-Notch Training Materials

    After passing AZ-303 exam, you already know that the success in the next certification test needs the same training dedication as in the first stage. ExamSnap Pass AZ-104 Still, AZ-304 exam is even more difficult as it is the final phase in obtaining the Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert accreditation. Not all candidates manage to pass such a test because they didn’t follow one of the most important recommendations that the vendor has. You should use the Microsoft verified training materials and then you will for sure pass AZ-304 with flying colors.

    Generous Payment Offers and Annual Bonuses

    A certified Azure Solutions Architect Expert is a valuable candidate for any international company. MS-100 Microsoft 365 Identity and Services Practice Test Questions Therefore, recruiters will compete with each other to offer you a generous salary and sign-on bonuses. These offers will compensate for your efforts and make you feel that you did a very good investment in your professional future. According to Payscale.com, an average Azure Solutions Architect Expert earns $119,412 yearly.


    We are sure that all these benefits will convince you that you shouldn’t think twice before enrolling in different training classes for the Microsoft AZ-304 certification test. Apart from the generous offers and bonuses, you will also get access to innovative training solutions and learn everything about some of the most popular technologies of the moment. Good luck!