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  • ReBrand Gurus focuses on employee and clients retention

    Published on October 7, 2021

    New Delhi : ReBrand Gurus, one of the leading tech branding organizations focuses on the retention of its employees and clients. The company follows strategies that are designed to improve the retention process.

    Under the leadership of Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht, the company gives positive feedback to its employees in order to motivate them. Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht is committed to following the best practices required for a successful business. The company believes that constructive and corrective feedback is essential, particularly when there’s an urgent issue that needs to be solved urgently.

    Talking about employee retention, Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht, Founder & CEO, ReBrand Gurus, said “No organization can endure if all the top performers quit. The organization needs to retain those employees who work hard and are indispensable for the company. For this, recognizing and acknowledging the actual value of its employees is the cynosure of the company’s success. As a tech branding organization, we exercise 95 percent retention.”

    The organization upskills its employees as technology continues to change and how work is done. The company is with the view that employees who have training and development opportunities are happier in their roles and have a brighter outlook on their future with the company. 

    Alike to employee retention the organization pays equal attention to its clients also. In the case of its clients, the organization frequently collects its client’s feedback for the organization’s success.

    “The retention of the clients is not only cost-effective but also a grand branding exercise to delight your clients so that they become your brand ambassadors – if they like your company’s, they’ll refer others to you. Companies should take steps to make their clients part of its process,” said Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht.

    The company regularly alerts its clients to promotions, rewards programs, and any other content, the company thinks our clients will find interesting and relevant. When the clients are in problem, Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht takes special care that the problems of his clients are cleared immediately.

    “We are privileged to be associated with Rebrand Gurus. Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht with all his efforts and works tries to keep our upfront. This motivates us to grow and to have our life-long connection with Rebrand Gurus,” said Grace Lewis, CPA, Florida, one of the clients.

    The company fosters respect not only to its employees but also to its interns, the outcome of it is that they never feel devalued or unimportant within an organization.

    One of the interns’ Pallavi said, “I feel very gratified and glad to be associated with ReBrand Gurus’ and look forward to work here on long tenure as the company provides the much-needed career growth. The employee-friendly work environment motivates us to work and grow further.”

    At present, the tech brand has a global presence with offices located in Sheridan, Wyoming; Dallas in the US, Canada, and India it operates from Noida (NCR). It has expansion plans for the employee complete growth aimed at making them successful at ReBrand Gurus through its initiatives.


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