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ReBrand Gurus LLC to organize free digital marketing classes for US-based Students

New Delhi : ReBrand Gurus LLC, one of the leading tech branding organizations that focuses on various digital marketing, web development, and designing services across the world has plans to organise free digital marketing classes for US-based students, they announced through their Social Media.

The organization has decided to take the step intending to support students at large as the student’s loan in the US is quite high. The organization firmly believes that Digital Marketing is not just a skill in demand, but an essential.

Whether it’s to grow the business, start a career, or just a fun experiment. The course is now being designed for US-based students as Student debt in the US has become a crisis for millions of citizens that often feels like it will last for people’s whole lives.

ReBrand Gurus LLC is with the view that learning with them can transform how a student think and what he can do in the real world by applying the imbibed skill.

The Founder and CEO Mr. Manan Sharma Vashisht said, “Digital Marketing has brought colossal of changes to every sectors. It processes the ‘Midas Touch’ as anything that it touches transforms to gold. With the world catapulting towards it, students must learn this skill. The course will enhance the student’s capabilities and will provide proper direction to their career. It will act as a torchbearer guiding them in every stage of their life, anywhere they go. ReBrand Gurus LCC has always taken such initiatives to help everyone whether it’s our employees or the students’ group. We promise to you all that the organization will take many more steps in the time to come with the grace of almighty.”

To make the programme a big success, ReBrand Gurus LLC will set up a team who are experts in the field who can use the knowledge they’ve gained to help the student community.  The organization trains its employees to train communities. Employees who are trained to use their expertise to help elevate the groups and communities that could benefit from this specific knowledge.

Additionally, ReBrand Gurus LCC is actively providing free of cost help to start-ups that are seeking for strategic and marketing advice to help grow their businesses also. The organisation is also training business owners and teams to help manage their websites and save costs.

ReBrand Gurus LLC has kept these courses free in order to help elevate them and make them self-sufficient.

ReBrand Gurus LLC will work at zero-profits in order to help support the cause. Candidates interested in enrolling in the free online digital classes can email to the ReBrand Gurus LCC at info@rebrandgurus.com

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