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  • Friday, August, 2022| Today's Market | Current Time: 04:24:33
  • House of Flax brings to you a tailor-made customised meal plan subscription to help you alter the gap between you and your health goals, specialising in those with health ailments

    Engrossed in the day-to-day of life, swamped by work or always on the go, as you hustle for the big ones – living an active life can get hectic and rushing in & out can leave you with little or no time to care for yourself and your diet. Eventually, one turns to order food from the always-flying and super brisk delivery partners that offer junk and fried frozen food leading to an unhealthy lifestyle and unwanted weight gain.

    Flax Healthy Living, which has been on the A list of healthy foods for over 5 years now, has launched Flax.Fit thereby showcasing a new way of redefining fitness for you through a subscription model exclusively crafted for those who prefer a healthy and nutritious diet. The inspiration behind creating Flax.Fit comes from the modern-day lifestyle where people always seem to be in a hurry and keeping up with diet becomes more and more critical. In the current era, following a balanced diet is the top priority, Flax.fit aims to provide solutions for the people that are looking to make their everyday lives simpler and healthier, now more than ever.

    “Our aim with FLAX.FIT is to redefine fitness food. A balanced diet is the need of the hour. Our vision is to change the landscape of diet plans where our expert chefs serve gourmet dishes with healthy ingredients making it easy to achieve your goals,” says Gurmeet Arora, Founder of Flax.


    Diets are boring and hard to follow, there we said it! Understanding the cravings and all the worldly allurement the team of expert nutritionists and chefs design a highly effective meal plan with dishes that no longer feel like diet food. Serving the amalgamation of ingredients that keep you on track and help you stick to your diet. Flax your meals and satisfy your cravings in a way like never before, enjoy plates of pasta, lasagne, spaghetti, pho & more.

    Offering a variety of plans according to one’s personal needs, be it weight loss, PCOS, diabetes, weight gain or just simple wellness for the mind & body. There is something for everyone. Some of the bestseller dishes that the patrons keep coming back for are the Better Chicken a modern twist to India’s most loved curry, pieces of chicken tikka cooked in tomato cashew gravy, served with zeera edamame pulao that leaves the best taste in your mouth or the PHO Real spiced Vietnamese soup broth with tofu, vegetables and rice noodles, topped with fried onion, coriander and a lime wedge to elevate your senses. The Saigon Summer Rolls is the perfect match for all your summer needs, made with fresh vegetables and herbs wrapped with Thai peanut chicken and rice vermicelli in a rice paper wrap, served with a Vietnamese dipping sauce. Thai Chicken Penang Curry will surely lighten up your day with its sweet burst of flavours made with a blend of red Thai curry paste and peanuts in a delish coconut curry and served with a stir-fried, finely chopped cauliflower, providing a great substitute for rice.

    Fresh, nutritious and free of preservatives Flax. Fit curates delicious everyday meals for you based on your goals; the chef’s innovative dishes fuel you, and every bite you take is a healthy bite and backed with science.


    A simple and convenient three-step process you have to follow to start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle.

    Step 1: Decide upon a goal, whether you’re looking to shed those extra kilos, gain muscle, cut down on carbs with keto or want to go vegan. Pick your weekly meals based on your goals. The flax team offers a new menu of delicious gourmet food every week, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner where you can subscribe for all meals or select a particular meal of the day.

    Step 2: Select the dishes from the weekly menu and the expert chefs start prepping your meals with fresh and healthy ingredients.

    Step 3: Set the clock after defining your goals and selecting the dishes. All you have to do is, welcome your meal with the warmest and widest smile as you relish in the satisfying redefined fit meal.


    Flax.Fit curates dishes that suit people with selective conditions with the help of dietitians and backed by the knowledge of the ace bariatric surgeon, Dr Muffazal Lakdawala. People with diabetes and PCOS conditions can access the subscription plan with PCOS-friendly dishes that aid in balancing hormones, regularise the menstrual cycle and improve gut health. Diabetes management plans at Flax.Fit tailor the effects of the condition with meals that are low in glycemic index and rich in fibre designed to slow down a spike in glucose levels and help you lead an active lifestyle.

    Flax. Fit is available throughout the western Mumbai region, with the team delivering meals to your doorstep three times a day. The founders eventually plan to expand the subscription model to Pune and Bangalore soon with the vision of redefining fit meals for one and all.

    Creating a balanced diet with no age limit and endless meal plan possibilities, Flax.Fit helps you get a step closer to your pursuit of health and fitness.

    So, Flax it up with us and take that 7-day trial now!


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