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  • Renowned Scientist Dr. Anja Glisovic Joins the ‘New UDHI’

    Published on September 8, 2020

    MAULDIN, S.C.: Union Dental Holdings, Inc.9-3-2020 (OTC: UDHI) (the “New UDHI”) has announced that Dr. Anja Glisovic has been named its Chief Science Officer, effective immediately. Dr. Glisovic will be bringing her vast experience in scientific research and development, as well as project leadership at the highest levels, to the New UDHI Team. She holds numerous patents in the fields of medical devices, chemical engineering, and small arms and munitions. Her primary initial responsibility with the New UDHI will be identifying and developing business combinations and high growth opportunities in the medical arena.

    Dr. Glisovic received her PhD in X-Ray and Material Physics from Germany’s Georg-August Universitat in 2007. She went on to become the head of the R&D Laboratory, Chief Science Officer, and R&D Project Leader for the Fraunhoffer Institute, the world’s leading applied research organization. Fraunhofer plays a pivotal role in developing the commercial utilization of key technologies for the future and is known worldwide as a pioneer and catalyst for groundbreaking product developments. Fraunhofer currently operates 74 research institutions across Germany and has an annual research budget of 2.8 billion Euros.

    “It is an honor for me to welcome Anja to the team,” said UDHI CEO Michael O’Shea. “She is a born leader, a natural and highly effective teacher, and brings with her the utmost respect among her peers. Anja’s many innovative patents and long list of accomplishments, both academic and entrepreneurial, gives us exactly the scientific leadership we’ve been seeking as we enter our next phase of business development.”