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  • Residential sales registrations grow 16% YoY for 11-month period ending Nov 2021: Knight Frank India

    Published on December 7, 2021

    • 21,988 apartments registered between January to November 2021 in Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Sangareddy districts, a 16% growth over 2020
    • INR 11,164 cr. Worth of residential properties transacted in January – November 2021 period, up 17% YoY
    • 66% of apartments registered during January – November 2021 are under the price of INR. 50 lakh
    • Average transacted price in the 3 districts (Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Sangareddy) increases 6% YoY in November 2021
    • Hyderabad district outperforms with 58% growth in sales in the January – November 2021 period

    Hyderabad : Knight Frank India, the leading real estate consultancy in the country, noted that the annual residential property registrations in 3 (Hyderabad, Rangareddy and Sangareddy districts) of the 4 districts that constitute the Hyderabad residential market stood at 21,988 units during January to November 2021 period, a 16% growth over the January-November period in 2020. The end of the year is a typically slow period in Hyderabad’s residential market with homebuyers preferring to postpone their purchases to the first half of the year which is considered to be more auspicious. It thus follows that the January – March 2021 period accounts for 41% of the total sales registrations during the year (11 months) while just 16% of total sales have occurred in the September – November 2021 period.

    Despite it being a traditionally slow period for sales, the September – November period in 2021 has recorded above average growth in YoY terms for all months in this period. This along with increasing number of enquiries at project sites shows the growing homebuyer interest in the Hyderabad market.

    Table 1: Residential Sales Deeds Registered

    Month20202021YoY Change
    Jan                        2,847       3,21113%
    Feb                        2,965       2,825-5%
    Mar                        2,104       3,02044%
    Apr                            736       2,032176%
    May                        2,051           893-56%
    June                        2,308       2,171-6%
    July                        2,137       2,105-1%
    Aug                        2,029       2,1184%
    Sep                            277       1,150315%
    Oct                            918       1,11922%
    Nov                            516       1,344160%

    Consistent with 2020, 66% of residential sales registered during the January – November period have occurred in the under INR 5 mn ticket size. While the overall share remains consistent, a closer inspection reveals that the share of sales of the INR 2.5 – 5 mn ticket size has improved from 31% in 2020 to 34% in 2021 while that of the INR 2.5 mn and below category has declined to 32% in 2021 compared to 35% previously. This signifies the stress still being felt in the lower ticket sizes due to the threat of income disruption caused by the economic impact of the pandemic.

    <2.5 mn35%32%
    2.5-5 mn31%34%
    5-7.5 mn15%14%
    7.5-10 mn9%9%
    10 mn-20 mn8%8%
    >20 mn2%2%

    Prices had remained resilient in Hyderabad during the worst of the pandemic in 2020 and have grown steadily in 2021. The weighted average transacted price of residential properties has shown a healthy YoY growth of 5.8% in the nine-month period ending November 2021 and depicting the underlying momentum of the market.

    While total sales have grown by 16% in YoY terms during January-November 2021 for the three districts, sales in Hyderabad district have grown by 58% YoY during the same period. Even in terms of share of total sales, Hyderabad district has grown from 29% during January – November 2020 to 45% in YTD November 2021. Transacted prices have similarly outperformed, growing by 16.9% in the January – November 2021 period.

    Shishir Baijal, Chairman and Managing Director said, “Hyderabad continues to be among the most attractive homebuyer markets with homebuyer demand and residential prices growing steadily despite the absence of any regulatory interventions such as the stamp duty cuts applied by the Maharashtra, Karnataka and West Bengal governments. While recent developments such as the relaxation in FSI restrictions is causing apprehensions of potential overbuilding and an overburdening of infrastructure in the city, underlying market fundamentals continue to inspire confidence.”


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