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Resilient and enhanced hiring strategies: Key to narrow skill gap in STEM

“India is on the lookout for enhanced hiring strategies to fill the 5 lakh talent gap in the STEM industry. However, businesses may not need to look too far for resources as 43% of STEM graduates in India are women. While the percentage of women employees and leaders in the Indian IT sector is on the rise, they are still underrepresented and could benefit from flexible and inclusive policies. Being a global deep domain solution provider, Creative Synergies Group, supports its workforce to ensure dynamic growth and development. We are making efforts each day to improve our employee-related initiatives and we will continue to do so in the coming years. While National STEM Day serves as a reminder for the achievements, milestones and advancements of the industry, businesses also need to recognize the work that needs to be done in terms of their policies and programmes. With structured initiatives in place, businesses could also address challenges such as technological skill gaps.” — Dr. Mukesh Gandhi, Founder and CEO, Creative Synergies Group

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