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  • Retired judges, bureaucrats, armed forces officers write open letter to PM Modi

    Published on May 1, 2022

    A total of 197 signatories consisting of retired judges, bureaucrats and armed forces officers have written an open letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi against a letter by the self-styled Constitutional Conduct Group calling for an end to the politics of hate. The open letter described it as agenda driven biased politicised statement. It said, the statement is a repeated effort to draw attention to themselves as citizens with a higher sense of social purpose.

    The letter called the statement of CCG as a manifest political anti-Narendra Modi Government exercise which the group undertakes periodically in the belief that they can shape public opinion against the ruling dispensation.

    It said CCG’s anger and anguish is not only empty virtue-signaling, they are actually fueling the politics of hate that they seek to combat by attempting to engineer hate against the present government with their patent prejudices and false portrayals. Citing post-poll violence in West Bengal, the group said, the studied silence of CCG on it shows their cynical and unprincipled approach to issues. It said, instances of major communal violence have instead decreased under the BJP Government and this is appreciated by the public.

    The letter further stated that this has instigated groups like the CCG to highlight beyond proportion sporadic instances of communal violence that no society can entirely eradicate. It condemned the sordid manipulations of the vested interests and urged all right-thinking citizens to expose them to preserve the unity and integrity of India.


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