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  • Monday, June, 2019| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:05:44
  • Mumbai  : Kokan with its 10,000 year old history, is a treasure trove of art, culture, and food. From the famous Dashaavatar to Tarpa Dance to Solkadhi Rice, the Kokan region boasts of a wide and eclectic mix of ethos. The 8th edition of Global Kokan Festival 2019, hosted by KokanBhumiPratishthanat Mumbai Exhibition Center, Goregaon(E) from 3rd to 6th Jan 2019 is all set to bring in the new year with hoards ofmusical dance dramas, folk art, art walk, food festival and much more.

    Shri Sanjay Yadavrao, Chief Convener, Global Kokan Festival shares, “Global Kokan Festival has always been bringing the traditional art forms of Kokan region to a bigger. Food, Art, Drama have been a integral part of community building in the region and we at Global Kokan Festival 2019 aim to keep this tradition alive and bring it to a larger and modern audience as the festival gets bigger and better this year”. The festival is co-hosted in association with MTDC & MIDC.

    Highlights of Global Kokan Festival 2019:

    1)      Folk Dance offs, Jakhdi& more:

    Kokan Folk Dance Competition or ‘LokNrityaSpardha: 200 artists across kokan will be coming together for a major dance off at the ‘LokNrityaSpardha’ hosted at GKF 2019. Various dance troupes will be performing on folk dances right fromTarpa Dance, Jakhdi Dance, Naman, Koli, Agriand many more. “These dances were a form of entertainment as well as form of community get togethers since time immemorial. We want to take the masses on a journey through these rare performances at GKF 2019”.

    2)      Traditional Folk plays:

    Global Kokan Festival 2019 will also play host to traditional folk plays like Dashaavatar, a series of skits from famous stories from Mythology. Filled with songs, dance, and drama, it appeals to all age groups. Dashaavatar is a quintessential drama from Kokan region which has been performed in the region from long time ago. Along with Dashaavatar, folk plays of forms like Jakhdi&palkhi will also be staged at periodic intervals on all 4 days.

    3)      KokaniKaviSammelan:

    Popular poets from Maharashtra willbe coming together for a poetic evening. Shri Ashok Naigaokar, Dr. Mahesh Keluskar, Prof. Prashant More and Shri. ShashikantTirodkar and several other known poets from Maharashtra will be gracing the lyrical do.

    4)      Art Walk & Live Demonstrations:

    Another highlight of the 4 day festival is the art walk, and LIVE demos by renowned artists from Kokan at the festival to attract masses. Curated by noted artistRupaliMadan, the festival will haveLive demonstrations on pottery, block printing, ceramic enameling, folk art, tribal terracotta & metal jewellery workshop, abstract painting, Gond Art, Ganjifa Art, portraits&landscape paintings.

    5)      Global Kokan Art Installation with Warli Art :

    Renowned artist and noted set designer SumitPatil will be exhibiting a huge Kokan themed art installation with warli art from Palghar District. The installation will depict the various aspects of Kokan and its growth and will establish the idea of ‘Unity’ through this 8ft broad installation.The installation will create a dialogue with tribals from palghar belt about their livelihood issues.

    6)      Kokan Delicacies & organic farm produce:

    Besides the traditional folk dances and plays, ‘Kokan Food Festival’, is the most integral part GKF 2019. The festival will have a whole range of favourite foods from Kokan, right from various fish delicacies, to delectable Sol Kadhi to traditional desserts to satiate all the culinary needs of the people visiting the festival. Masses can also buy directly from the Organic farmers bazaar at the festival. Varieties of authentic Cuisine like Agri, Koli, Malvani, Kokani, CKP, Authentic MarathMoliGhavane, Mutton, Chicken alongwithMaharashtrianspecialities like UkdicheModak, PuranPoli with 15 types of Misal with Veg Misal& Non veg Misal, authentic veg RassaGhavan and mmmore to satiate your taste buds.

    7)      Educational workshops & more:

    The festival will also provide a platform to natives of Kokan to stop selling lands and cultivate them or use them in a better way. Workshops on Fish Farming & Aquaculture, Advanced Agriculture & Horticulture, Building Eco-Tourism Parks, Amusement Parks etc