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Ridge Valley School celebrates Earth Day; integrates organic farming on the school campus

World Earth Day is a reminder for us to protect and nurture mother earth and its species, to make it a better place for the coming generations. In tune with the global theme for Earth Day 2022, i.e., “Invest In our Planet”, Gurugram-based Ridge Valley School has joined forces with an UN-accredited non-profit, 1M1B to celebrate the day on April 22 with its young Climate Champs.

In the live event organised by 1M1B, three Climate Action Heroes from the school participated in a discussion on climate action and sustainability. As part of the school’s mission to integrate organic farming into the campus to contribute to the sustainable development goals, six acres of land on the school campus have been set aside for the purpose. The initiative will also encourage students to engage in organic farming, grow their own food, and help them understand the importance of food security; thereby creating a healthy green India.

Ridge Valley School Principal Nidhi Tewari, said, “The transformation will only take place if we bring in innovative pedagogies, increase creativity and collaboration, and incorporate ecological literacy; thus, enhancing our ability to understand the basic principles of a connected nature and how to live accordingly. It is critical that we look at sustainability as a community practice and understand how nature sustains life in order to truly be responsible eco-citizens and ensure a better future for the planet.”

The organic farm in the school will be managed by students who are a part of the environment club, as well as the horticulture team. Among the plants and vegetables grown on the organic farm are ladyfinger, spinach, cabbage, spring onion, tomato, carrot, radish, bottle gourd, pumpkin, coriander, lettuce, brinjal, and potato.

Maisha Bagchi, a Grade XII student, expressed her opinion on the importance of preserving the planet through meaningful initiatives. In her words, “Earth Day is celebrated to spread awareness among the masses about the debilitating state of our planet. Over the years, the selfish nature of human beings has majorly impacted the Earth, to the point where it might all be irreversible.  It scares and pains me to see how negligent we have been and continue to be. Our home is on fire! And it’s about time we realized the repercussions. We all must come together and take action toward change. Change is needed now, more than ever.”

Another student, Suhaani Oberoi, studying in VIII Grade, echoing the sentiments of her schoolmate, said, “World Earth Day is important because it draws attention to the environment and promotes conservation and sustainability.  Each year, people around the world take action to raise awareness of the different crises faced by the Earth such as climate change, scarcity of water, etc. To protect the planet Earth we can adopt simple habits like planting more trees, turning off vehicles during a red light, switching off lights and fans when not in use, avoiding plastics, and so on. If we start taking these small steps today, I am sure tomorrow will be a much better day.”

A green future is a prosperous future. The youth are agents of change and play a vital role as drivers of development. By organising such awareness events and endorsing sustainable initiatives, Ridge Valley School wants to inculcate students with values of conservation, respecting nature, and being mindful of disposing of waste.

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