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    Riding her way to the top as a young and ambitious entrepreneur in the industry is Aimi Shibuya

    Published on September 17, 2021

    She has conquered over the beauty and restaurant sector owing to her focus and enthusiasm. 

    An industry that was previously ruled by powerful men has been penetrated by new era women in a period where everything is revolutionizing. To get to where they are now, these women have overcome many obstacles and taboos. However, the majority of today’s female businesswomen have demonstrated their worth by breaking records and shattering the glass ceiling of their gender. It’s no surprise that business is growing these days, with more women than ever entering the entrepreneurial sphere. Today, we met a deeply ambitious woman entrepreneur named Aimi Shibuya, a Japanese talent who has worked tirelessly to achieve success in the business world.
    She represents an entrepreneur who has made inroads into foreign countries from Japan.We first saw a woman as stoic and talented as her in our interview.

    She is always positive and doesn’t think it’s hard for ordinary people to think it’s hard.

    She is always full of smiles.

    She is, of course, very beautiful, but that’s not only about her appearance, but also about her personality. Aimi has always being inclined towards business. One of her businesses is a beauty salon, where she is driven by her vision to bring Japanese beauty into Singapore. She has been doing excellently well in the beauty salon management field and is the one who, while in her twenties, has introduced ‘teeth whitening’ at her beauty salon in Singapore. It all started when, Aimi began working at a beauty salon in Japan and desired to start her own business abroad.

    Teeth whitening was not a prevalent phenomenon when she started her business in 2017, but it grew in popularity over time, giving her business the success it deserved. As, natural products are getting increasingly popular as we become more mindful consumers. By 2022, natural products are predicted to expand at a rate of 7-9 percent. As a result, Aimi realized that teeth whitening has a lot of room to grow, which means her company will be able to thrive. Being a savvy entrepreneur, she also seeks out celebrities and influencers to raise her company’s awareness and, ultimately, sales. Her beauty salon provides a variety of one-of-a-kind services, the most notable of which is the distinctive teeth whitening treatments.

    Aimi was unafraid to admit how tough it could be to enter into a male-dominated market, yet she did so with remarkable success. She states, “The only thing keeping you from attaining what you desire is yourself.”

    To know more, follow her Instagram: @helloshibuya_3.