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    RIMS Carol Fox Retires; Soraya Wright Hired as New VP of Strategic Initiatives

    Published on January 11, 2021

    NEW YORK: RIMS Vice President of Strategic Initiatives Carol Fox has announced her retirement. Soraya Wright, formerly the Founder and Chief Risk Officer of SMW Risk Management Consulting, LLC, has been hired to the position, effective January 4, 2021, with Fox supporting the transition process.

    Reporting to RIMS CEO Mary Roth, the RIMS Vice President of Strategic Initiatives is responsible for helping to identify trends, assessing the viability of new initiatives and evaluating existing ones to ensure growth and sustainability. The position leads the Knowledge and Learning, Program and Content Development, Publications, Strategic and Enterprise Risk Practices and Standards Development. The position also serves as the staff advisor and co-liaison to the Society’s Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management and Standards & Practices Councils.

    Quote from RIMS CEO Mary Roth

    “2020 has taught us that risk professionals must be prepared and ready to adapt to anything and, as the world’s leading risk management association, RIMS must be prepared to deliver strategic solutions and resources to support those evolving needs,” said RIMS CEO Mary Roth. “Carol Fox has been an unrivaled champion for the risk management profession. Her in-depth understanding and her willingness to share her expertise, has paved the way for this Society to develop countless strategic partnerships, programs and resources. On behalf of the Society’s global risk management community, I thank Carol for her invaluable contributions and her commitment to elevating the profession.

    “Risk management also teaches us about the importance of embracing new perspectives to better understand risks and to develop stronger, more aligned capabilities,” Mary continued. “Soraya Wright has had a remarkable risk management career and is a globally respected thought-leader in this field. RIMS is thrilled to welcome her, to learn from her vast and highly-accomplished experience, to benefit from her perspective and to continue to advance the Society’s mission to educate, engage and advocate for the global risk community.”

    Quote from Carol Fox

    “Throughout my career, and especially with RIMS, I’ve enjoyed the opportunity to work with so many talented risk professionals who encompass diverse perspectives, unique risk programs, goals and challenges. All share a common passion for advancing our profession,” said Carol Fox. “As I retire, I want to acknowledge all the volunteers and staff who contributed to RIMS’ many milestones and accomplishments over the past decade. Overall, I am incredibly proud of RIMS’ direction and know that Soraya will do an exceptional job to keep that momentum going. I look forward to working with her during this transition period and, most importantly, to continuing to contribute and learn from the RIMS community as a retired member.”

    Quote from Soraya Wright
    “The power of RIMS really is it’s network; an expansive community of motivated risk professionals, from different backgrounds and with different experiences who are unified by their commitment to professional advancement,” said Soraya Wright. “I am beyond proud to join this prestigious institution, to build on the work of Carol Fox and the RIMS team, and to not only help guide RIMS’ strategy, but to also create opportunities for the global risk management community to contribute to its evolution.”