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  • Tuesday, April, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:03:40
  •     Sonipat, Haryana: Rishihood University recently hosted the 9th Cohort of the IC3 Institute Flagship Program, bringing together over 70 delegates from 50+ schools in 12 countries. The week-long residential program, marked by dynamic and inclusive learning sessions, covered a range of critical topics in education, counseling, mindfulness, competencies, entrepreneurial mindsets, teacher leadership, and thought leadership.

    The participants gained deep insights into educational innovation, with discussions on cutting-edge topics like “Emerging Innovations in Mind and Brain Studies” in cognitive science. Another session highlighted the “Importance of Computer Science in Society and Academics,” emphasizing technology’s role in modern education. A standout session focused on “Opportunities for Creative Minds in the Digital Space with AI,” providing valuable views on the blend of creativity and artificial intelligence in today’s digital world.

    Additionally, sessions like “Brainstorming for Creative Solutions” highlighted the significance of nurturing creative thought processes, while “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” delineated pathways for students to spearhead innovation in their domains.

    Mr. Sahil Aggarwal, CEO & Co-founder of Rishihood University, addressed the attendees in a highlight session with a presentation on “Making Students Antifragile.” His presentation dove into fostering more than resilience and adaptability in students, a paramount concern in modern education. He aimed to equip attendees with strategies to prepare students for an ever-changing world.

    Speaking about the cohort, he said, “This was a celebration of the convergence of global educational thought at Rishihood. The aim was to use multi-disciplinary learning to prepare students not just to adapt but thrive in an ever-evolving world. The future of education is collaborative, innovative, and deeply impactful and the sooner we learn and implement this, the longer we can go.”

    The program’s outcomes are poised to be far-reaching, bridging a broader understanding of educational trends with tangible, innovative teaching methodologies. Representing a diverse array of schools and boasting a comprehensive curriculum, the 9th Cohort of the IC3 Institute Flagship Program at Rishihood University stands as a testament to collaborative education advancement on a global scale.


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