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    Rising Youth Politician Yash Shukla Strides To Make The difference In The Society With His Compassion

    Published on May 18, 2021

    It is rightly quoted ,”The service to mankind, is the service to god’, believer of this aforementioned quote, we bring you the story of an encapsulating youth who is driven to bring productive changes in the society with his strong will to serve the needy.

    A young politician and the reigning president of the Baneshwari Youth Club, Yash Shukla is an epitome of magnanimity, empathy and hope which is driving the aspirations of several residents of Indore who look upto him.

    A dynamic and agile individual who believes in serving the people of the country in all capacities, Yash Shukla has special bonding with the needy and the downtrodden of the society.

    “I am a firm believer of giving back to the society what we have taken from it. I feel grateful that I am able to bring a smile on the faces of my fellow human beings, the period of the nationwide lockdown has not been easy for any class of people and it was the most tormenting for those who were stripped off their everyday wage and were left without any savings, we have launched food, mask and sanitizer donation drives around a dozen areas in Indore and will continue the service till the condition improves”, says Yash Shukla.

    Mr. Yash Shukla has not only led several donation drives from the front but has also worked tirelessly to help those who cannot fend for themselves. His works of solidarity and help have been recorded by several local newspapers where the young visionary can be seen arranging food supplies and essentials to individuals marred by economic and social conditions.

    During the pandemic when there was a mass shortage of food supplies for the needy, Yash pledged to serve them till the curfew situations subsided. Not only this, Yash has also actively participated to spread awareness on the use of masks and sanitisers amongst underprivileged women while donating the same to guide such individuals about the use and means to break the chain of the deadly virus.

    Yash Shukla, who is not just a politician but also a renowned youth icon and inspiring personality of our country. The younger generation looks up to him for his capabilities, talents and his good natured behaviour. One does not find a lot of people these days who have such a vibrant personality, are at a high position and are still trying to help out people.

    Yash Shukla has made it to the headlines maultiple times for his great deeds and social work among all sections of the society. Him along with his very efficient team Baneshwari Yuva Parishad have provided with more than necessary. In fact, Yash Shukla did not want to be solely responsible for such a positive change, he wanted to take along his team without which he would not have been able to help out so many people in such a short period of time.

    Certainly, this foresighted president of the Baneshwari Youth Club is an inspiration to thousands of youth in the country to work towards social change and development.