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  • R&M’s New Distribution Frame for Fiber Optic Networks for broadband network operators, telcos

    Published on December 22, 2010

    Switzerland & India: The expansion of broadband networks is currently causing an exponential increase in the volume of installed optical fibers. Hence, Swiss cabling specialist R&M has broadened the range of use of the modular R&M Single Circuit Management (SCM) family for fiber optic networks. A new product in the program is the R&M Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) for the central facilities of network operators such as hubs and central offices. It can also be used in data centers. With the ODF, large number of optical fibers can be connected and distributed in a small space, by equipping the frame with core components from the SCM family.

    The ODF can be configured using various modules, which are mounted using a quick installation technique involving no tools. As many as 2304 fibers can be managed in one ODF unit. A bending radius of 40 millimeters is assured throughout the system for reliable, stress-free fiber management and a quality criterion for future high-power and xWDM applications. The ODF is made of aluminum profiles. It has a basic area of 300×300, 600×300 or 900×300 mm and is 2.2 meters high. R&M has dispensed with front struts. That gives technicians and maintenance staff extensive freedom of movement.

    The configuration can be done with splice modules, patch modules and combination modules. A module accommodates up to twelve inserts, each of which holds twelve LC duplex, SCRJ or E2000TM* compact connectors. The fold-down splice unit is an integrated work table. The splice module is fitted with up to 48 SC or 24 SE splice trays from the SCM range, each of which can accommodate 6 or 24 fibers. The distributor therefore harmonizes with the modern 24-fiber loose tube cable. A label field with interchangeable labels, numbering and color coding make even large numbers of fibers easier to manage. The patch module can be used for breakout applications or for the connection of already terminated cables. Mini-breakout, multiple patch-cord and harness cables are compatible, as is the pre-terminated R&M VARIOline.

    Gaurav Ahluwalia, Managing Director at R&M India says, “After having launched the Single Circuit Management solution recently, we are now introducing the Optical Distribution Frame to further enhance the product portfolio. It uses core components from the SCM family enabling easier network expansion.”

    The constant expansion of FTTH architectures for ultra broadband networks requires network operators to accommodate ever greater numbers of optical fibers at their facilities. With the Optical Distribution Frame and Single Circuit Management, R&M helps operators to proceed with network expansion more rapidly, simply and reliably. This modular tray system (SCM) is suitable for all network areas, from main distributor to building entry point. With the SCM portfolio, a uniform approach to the management of fibers and subscriber connections is possible. R&M also offers a combination module for the ODF. It combines the splice and patch areas in a single housing and is also available as a pre-terminated and factory-tested unit.