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  • Wednesday, October, 2020| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:56:53
  • In this competitive world where we see a rat race, it is imperative to be versatile in nature. Rohit Tayade has remained a versatile young man who wears different hats at the same time. By education, he is a Mechanical Engineer, but by profession and passion, he is an entrepreneur and a YouTuber. He is fond of social media ever since it came on the web and turned popular around the world. He managed to get an edge on all the social media platforms and tools with soon becoming a social media influencer.

    He is a blogger to express his ideas and share his passion before the world. He loves to share his insight about technology, gaming and Bollywood along with other trending topics. For him, YouTube turned his comfort zone and he embarked with his channel with his name only that seems to have garnered a good fan base and subscribers list. At the same time, he is also an entrepreneur who owns his digital management company called Realwonmedia. He has served loads of clients not just in India but abroad.

    With his professional approach, he was able to grow his image far better and smarter. Thanks to the potential he has, which he has managed to streamline in the right direction. His skill set has proved that whatever place he will explore, he has something interesting to find and reap benefits out of the same. He is an instant learner and keeps on updating and exploring new ideas and concepts. Thus this helps him keep abreast with the changing world. In this lockdown, he has focussed on exploring a wide range of new things, which will enhance his profile the best.