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  • Role of Diet in Treating Rheumatoid Arthritis Shares Dr. Mukesh Sharda Founder of Dr. Sharda Ayurveda

    Published on January 14, 2022

    Rheumatoid arthritis is an auto-immune chronic disease that causes a lot of pain in various joints of the body. It is inflammation in joint that causes pain, redness, or stiffness. In Ayurveda Rheumatoid Arthritis is termed as “Amavata”. In Amavata there is vitiation of Vata Dosha and accumulation of Ama takes place in several small joints. All the waste gets deposited in the various joints of the body thus leading disease to be more chronic and painful. Rheumatoid Arthritis usually worsens with age and can even lead to a loss of joint movement in some severe cases. Rheumatoid Arthritis if not treated timely can even hamper your everyday activities such as cooking, bathing, and even walking. Rheumatoid Arthritis was earlier seen in the elderly but now due to a lot of change in lifestyle and diet, it is affecting people of any age and gender. Ayurvedic treatment for rheumatoid arthritis provides you lifelong safe results with the least chance of its reversal. 

    The most common symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis are-

    Pain, stiffness, and swelling in several small joints of the body. Redness with warm skin over the joints, decreased range of movement of joints. 

    The most common causes of rheumatoid arthritis are-

    Diet and lifestyle changes, aging, obesity, genetics, excessive alcohol intake, infection, stress, indigestion, and long-term sickness. 

    The major cause that forces the disease to take its birth is our DIET i.e. our ill, and unhealthy eating habits. It’s a saying if the Diet is correct, you will be away from all the diseases. Ayurveda is the storehouse of best treatments with therapy to help people combat Rheumatoid Arthritis. Ayurvedic treatment followed with prescribed strict food consumption norms, lifestyle changes help to ease rheumatoid arthritis symptoms and help prevent its progression.

    Let us discuss in detail the rheumatoid arthritis diet do’s and dont’s as food plays a major role in the amount of inflammation you deal with every day.

    The Ayurvedic diet prescribed for rheumatoid arthritis patients- 

    * Eat light food as it will promote healthy gut functioning.

     * Consume more fruitsrather than grains. 

    It is always known that a diet high in fat, sugar, refined grain, and salt increases inflammation that can worsens arthritis symptoms.

    Never include these food items in your diet as they worsen rheumatoid arthritis- Red meat, dairy products, corn oil, Peanuts, artificial refined sugar, fried food, refined carbohydrates products like biscuits, white bread, fatty acids, high salt intake, sugar-sweetened beverages, canned foods, processed foods, gluten, coffee

    Food items that help to recover from rheumatoid arthritis-

    If you want to recover from rheumatoid arthritis then make a habit of following a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet that includes daily consumption of Amla juice, sprouts of carrot seeds, flax seeds, vegetable and fruit juice, green tea, coconut water, and herbal tea

    You can also have vegetable Dalia only of Barley, Bajra, finger millet, boiled rice, pulses only mungdaal, lal masoor, black horse gram once in a day. 

    * Ginger Water will do wonders for your health.

    Every time you sip some water make sure it is ginger water. You can boil water with ginger slices in it. Consume that whole day. It will help in relieving pain and inflammation. 

    What to add and subtract from your meal- 

    Cereals to consume Quinoa, buckwheat, brown rice, little millet, barley, bajra, finger millet, red rice, black rice. 

    Cereals to avoid:  White rice, Wheat, Multigrain

    Fruits to consume Apple, Banana, Cherry, Avocado, Peaches, Pear, Pomegranate, Sapodilla, Apricot, Blueberry, Amla. 

    All seasonal fruits can be taken but not high in quantity. 

    Vegetables to be consumed: Ridge gourd, pumpkin, drumstick, carrot, broccoli, onion, ginger, beetroot, bitter gourd, round gourd, mushroom, bottle gourd, kale zucchini, turnips, beans.

    Vegetables to avoid:  Eggplant, Radish

    Pulses to consume: Mungdaal, Lalmasoor, black horse gram

    Pulses to avoid: Avoid all the pulses excluding the above-mentioned. 

    Dairy products to consume: Intake of Cow’s ghee, Buttermilk with added Ginger powder in it. 

    Dairy products to avoid: All the milk products

    Oils to be consumed:  Cow’s ghee, mustard oil, Sesame oil, Coconut oil 

    Oil to avoid: Sunflower Oil

    Important Tips- 

    ·      Avoid day sleeping. 

    ·      Eat your meals only whenever you are hungry. Avoid eating at odd timings and also avoid overeating. Whenever you feel thirsty, intake water only at that time. 

    ·      Balanced diet with moderate exercise as prescribed by the expert. 

    ·      Do not skip on your Ayurvedic treatment as it will help in early and safe recovery. 

    ·      Sunbathing for at least 1 hour is a must. 

    ·      Application of warm sesame oil on the whole body every day. 

    ·      Do not make the mistake of consuming stale food. 

    ·      You can also take an Epsom salt bath with warm water. 

    ·      Meditation is a must. 

    Ø  You can practice light breathing exercises like Pranayama. Heavy exercises or workout is prohibited. 

    ·      Fasting once a week can help you in early recovery. On the days of fasting, you can only take fruit or vegetable juice. 

    ·      Maintain a positive attitude. Indulge in reading books that give you happiness and positivity. 

    ·      In substitute for sugar use jaggery or dates. 

    ·      If you intake dry fruits make sure they are soaked overnight. 

    ·      Avoid getting yourself constipated. 

    ·      The most Important never to fill your tummy completely. Have 90% of food when hungry. Do not over eat.

    ·      Have hot food and drink warm water whole day.

    ·      Try wearing warm clothes.

    ·      Avoid sudden exposure to wind.

    Adopting a healthy lifestyle followed with mandatory dietary changes with Ayurvedic treatment promotes early and safe recovery.


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