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  • Wednesday, June, 2024| Today's Market | Current Time: 01:42:36
  •    Setting out on a journey of exploration and adventure has never been easier for travellers across the world. With the introduction of “Rentals and Tours,” a one-stop solution for any journey on two wheels, Royal Enfield promises hassle-free and easy discovery of new destinations with brand assurance.

    Building on the success of Royal Enfield Rentals in India, this comprehensive platform will now serve as an ultimate enabler for explorers looking to embrace novel motorcycle experiences across the globe. With accredited partners, both in India and globally, and the introduction of the Rentals and Tours programme, Royal Enfield now aims to redefine motorcycle tourism with its newest venture, which covers everything from motorcycle rentals and professionally guided tours to assistance with curating self-guided trips. Catering to a diverse spectrum of riding preferences, in terms of terrain and level of expertise, Royal Enfield ‘Rentals and Tours’ will allow prospective explorers to set out on unforgettable adventures and fulfill their quests for exploration.

    ”Royal Enfield has long been associated with epic journeys of exploration, with enthusiasts traversing countries, and continents on our motorcycles for decades. We believe we deeply understand the desire for adventure and to discover the world on two wheels. The Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours programme not only simplifies the logistics of motorcycle tourism, it also opens a world of new opportunities for those with the spirit of adventure in their hearts. With one of the world’s largest motorcycling communities, we believe this initiative will not just fortify but also expand Royal Enfield’s global motorcycling family, fostering a deeper sense of camaraderie among riders across borders.”, said B Govindrajan, CEO, Royal Enfield.

    To rent a Royal Enfield motorcycle or to book a motorcycle tour has never been easier. It is user-friendly, and an absolutely simple process that requires just a few clicks. One merely has to head to royalenfield.com/rentals and royalenfield.com/tours, browse through the options based on planned destination and time frame, and then confirm booking interest. A quick call-back from the tour operator will be organised, to confirm and finalise details of the tour and the itinerary. All that is left to do then, is to pack the helmet and riding gear and look forward to the next big adventure on two wheels. 

    The rental programme extends to 32 destinations, spanning India, South Africa, Indonesia, Colombia, Turkey, and Namibia, among others. Collaborating with multiple tour partners, Royal Enfield provides riders with a diverse array of experiences across a total of 62 trips, covering 52 destinations in 25 countries. From exploring the captivating international destinations of France, Scotland, and Spain to the enchanting locales of Cochin, Gangtok, and Tawang in India, Royal Enfield Rentals and Tours offer boundless possibilities for unforgettable rides.


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