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  • Wednesday, September, 2021| Today's Market | Current Time: 05:26:32
  • Mumbai: Success means different things to different people. But it takes a strong person to practically understand the real taste of success. We all know Sonu Sood as the superstar of Bollywood but all of us saw a completely new face of him during the lockdown period when he helped thousands of migrants reach home. Isn’t that what success is all about? Helping others in need and embracing victory by making them happy.

    ADS Group has appointed superstar Sonu Sood as the brand ambassador for their new product- Royal Green Packaged Drinking Water. In a world that is obsessed with money, fame, and fortune, Royal Green’s TVC is like a much-needed gush of fresh wind reminding us that success isn’t about just money and fame but being comfortable under your skin and having power that can be shared with people who let you reach where you are. The idea was to portray Royal Green’s success ideology through a 60-second video and announcing Royal Green Packaged Drinking Water’s entry into the market.

    Royal Green, as a brand, believes that after a product is launched, the ideology behind it should reach the consumer’s mind. Sonu Sood is the perfect celebrity to narrate the philosophy behind the taste of success as his beliefs and idea of success blend perfectly with that of Royal Green. The TVC goes beyond the traditional and conventional understanding of success and believes that success lies beyond the ordinary, and one has to introspect and take the untrodden path to become extraordinary.

    On his association with the brand, superstar Sonu Sood stated: I am thrilled and proud to represent a brand such as Royal Green Packaged Drinking Water whose ethos and brand philosophy involves redefining success. The brand’s communication truly reflects my belief that the path to success lies in choosing the untrodden course. The brand film evokes people to introspect and rethink what success means to them to enable them to genuinely #TastetheSuccess”. The TVC has been well received and is presented in 5 different languages viz Hindi, Telugu, Bengali, Odia, and Punjabi. It appeals to people who come from varied backgrounds and simply attempts to make them understand the true meaning of success.

    On the launch of his new product, Royal Green Packaged Drinking Water, Virat Maan, CEO – ADS Group stated: “Our association with Sonu Sood will further reinforce what our brand Royal Green Packaged drinking water stands for and believes in, and lend our consumers greater brand bonding, trust and dependability”

    ADS Group is one of India’s premier companies, incorporated in 2010, and set up by first-generation entrepreneurs. The group has benefited from the nationalist approach and vision of being a completely Indian setup in a sector dominated by foreign brands. The company believes in a sustainable development approach that guarantees long-term success and all expansion plans promote a strong sense of consumer orientation, proper business ethics, and love for our country. 

    by Sachin Murdeshwar