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RPG Foundation launches its 100th Fever Clinic to serve in Maharashtra villages

~Portable Clinics aim to bring down the massive gap in the doctor to patient ratios in rural areas of the state~

New Delhi : RPG Foundation, the CSR arm of RPG Group of Companies, installed its 100th “Fever Clinic” in Maharashtra in Thane on 23rd October 2021. This first-of-its-kind initiative, undertaken with the support of the RPG Group Companies in collaboration with the National Health Mission (Maharashtra) and the Public Health Department, Government of Maharashtra, aims at providing people in villages with easy access to basic healthcare.

Maharashtra has around 43,665 villages, which shelter 12.5 crore people as per the latest census report of 2011 across 36 districts. There are 13,802 healthcare facilities. This means there is 1 facility available for 9,055 people, and the closest facility is normally quite a distance away from the village. RPG’s Fever Clinic aims to address this concern and started putting up Fever Clinics in villages and cities like Thane in Maharashtra since July 2021.

RPG Foundation has been setting up these portable clinics at the district, sub-district and rural levels to make them conveniently accessible. The move has helped in reducing mortality rates due to timely treatment. It has also helped diagnose and treat respiratory disorders significantly during the peak of the pandemic.

Radha Goenka, Director, RPG Foundation said, “One of the major goals of this initiative is to support the government’s plan to provide enhanced healthcare in rural areas with all the infrastructural amenities that healthcare professionals need to perform their duties. We are very proud of our success in opening a 100 Fever Clinics and intend to keep the momentum going. Everyone has a right to quality healthcare and our initiative is just one step in this direction.”

Shri Ramaswami N, Mission Director, Maharashtra said, “RPG Foundation in association with the National Health Mission, Maharashtra has created a huge impact in COVID-19 patient management. With due regard their noble intentions and relentless support, we have been able to set up effective and fully functional portable clinics in our rural hospitals. Embarking together on a common mission along with RPG’s vision to reform and provide the best medical facilities to rural people has made this association an encouraging endeavour. We look forward to joining hands with RPG Foundation on more such initiatives and work together towards building a better future for our people.”

Since the start of this initiative, the clinics have served over 30 thousand patients from remote villages in Maharashtra.

The clinics are well-equipped porta cabins made from GI Sheets and include an examination bed, a medical storage cabinet, 2 tables, a washbasin, a sample collection area (used for covid testing too), a sanitiser stand, an extra stack of chairs, and curtains to compartmentalise it as necessary. In addition, it also includes an out-patient department to provide consultation services after diagnosis.

Each clinic is manned by one doctor and a medical attendant from the NHM department. NHM also ensures that the clinic is operational from 9am to 5pm on all working days, token systems are put into application to reduce waiting time, and use of protective gear such as masks, gloves and face shields.

The clinics have the basic equipment to function, such as non-contact thermometer, oximeter and glucometer.

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