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  • Wednesday, July, 2018| Today's Market | Current Time: 08:05:21
  • Pune : Technical expertise and domain knowledge are imperative for students to have successful careers. However, complementary skills like communication, leadership, critical decision making, innovation and creativity are equally important. Keeping this in mind Fundamentor, an innovative web based applications company, partnered with Josh Software;a Pune based recognized expert in building Ruby on Rails solutions, to develop a dynamic website which uses technology, analytics and gamification to enhance the cognitive aptitude and life skills of teenagers.

    Fundamentor.com provides users with test questions based on critical life skills, following which the analytical engine gives the user analytics on their performance. These life skills are directly linked to quantitative aptitude, verbal reasoning skills, data inference skills and creative thinking.According to the result, areas of improvement are suggested. Fundamentor.com is based on a gamification model which includes game elements in different modules to create engagement amongst the users. By effectively using fun and creative elements of learning, the web and mobile based platform is able to make learning fun for teenagers.

    Having worked on projects around the world to provide RoR based solutions, Josh Software readily took up the challenge to build a complex, intelligent and dynamic platform which will contribute to the transformation of the education sector in India. Josh Software provided Fundamentor.com with the integral solution of gamification in bite sized modules. Apart from integration of a robust analytical engine, the solution delivered by Josh also allowed integration of videos which provides tutorial and guidance to the users post taking the test. This solution also permitted Fundamentor to provide an incentive based model to users, where after logging in and appearing for a test the users receive certain number of points which can be redeemed by purchasing merchandise available on the portal. Josh Software was able to harness the efficiency and speed of programming using Ruby on Rails to deliver a solution within 8 weeks of the brief.

    Speaking on partnering with Josh Software, Amol Patkar, Director, Fundamentor, said, “Now-a-days schools focus more on English and Mathematics, but have a relatively lower focus on analytical skills and communication skills. Moreover, the attention span in today’s younger generation and youth is very less. Keeping teenagers engaged while simultaneously trying to get them to understand important concepts is a challenging task. The solution provided by the Josh Software team has enabled the desired results required for creating engagement amongst teenagers.They were able to go beyond the brief and understand what we were trying to achieve with Fundamentor.com. It is remarkable that they were able to turn the whole project around in just a matter of 8 weeks, without bugs in the system, making the solution ready to go to market for demonstration.”

    Adding on, Gautam Rege, Co-founder and Managing Director, Josh Software, said, “The project was exciting due to the challenging constraints in terms of time and expectations with respect to quality of the product. I am happy that we were able to deliver a great solution in such a short time without compromising on quality. Fundamentor.com is a game changer for students of the next generation who are getting ready to face the competitive world.”

    Fundamentor has the potential to change the whole arena of competitive exams in India on the basis of its gamification model to engage today’s teenagers in a matter of a click. This product was demonstrated to 17 schools out of which 90 percent are close to conversion,in a matter of two months. Fundamentor is close to deployment of the pilot of this product in 4-5 schools across India. Already, the feedback received post demo usage by schools, additional improvements and new specifications are being added to this platform like integration with social media.

    source : Lokesh Shastri