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  • Ruby – Redefining digital popularity and security

    Published on January 19, 2022

    Written by Mr. Girish Singhania,CEO of EduBridge

    Birth of Ruby
    Matsumoto founded Ruby in the 1990’s. Better known as, ‘A language of careful balance’ was developed with the intention of creating an object-oriented, easy-to-use, and secure language. The syntax witnesses a unique rendezvous of other sophisticated programming applications that include the likes of ADA, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Perl, and Lisp. This programming language emerges as quiet a winner in the recent times.

    Special Highlights

    The winning streak to this programming language can be attributed to its versatility and portability across platforms. Ruby is an open source web-outline that optimizes security as one of the most promising traits of Ruby. Entrepreneurial applications websites of the like of HULLU, Shopify, AirBNB, SoundCloud, Ask.Fm, Square, and many others, have employed Ruby, and its newly developed counter-part, Ruby on Rails to ensure seamless progression in the front-end and back end functioning.
    Ruby emerges as a cost-effective programming language. Its robust code generator, only requires a simple command to generate parts of an application. The flexibility of the omnipresent framework enables the programmer to create sophisticated functions that can be fixed to the core. Reviewers rightly state that the programming language offers limitless flexibility. The language isn’t a fussy one, features can be employed or removed as and when desired.

    Reasons for Ruby’s Soaring popularity

    1. Ruby enjoy a ‘fish in water’ type of relationship with most web development frameworks. Renowned web-servers of the likes of Puna and Unicorn, make an extensive use of Ruby as a programming language.

    2. Ruby is prominently deployed in the generation of static sites. The static site generators are fast and easy to deploy and these sites do not change often.

    3. Ruby is used in the DevOps and Automation space as well. Ruby was one of the only programs that supported ‘Heroku’, a better known web-deployment platform. It is only in the recent times that ‘Heroku’ is being supported by various other languages as well.

    4. Have you ever thought how a programmer will develop services that will simultaneously and successfully run on Linux, Mac and Windows Operating system? Well, this will happen because of Vagrant, an open source software that quintessentially employs Ruby as a tool, to manage command line of virtual machines. Vagrant is written and configured using Ruby itself.

    5. Ruby is often deployed for Data Processing. It is used for filtering, cleaning, and processing data, and is employed as a solution to many of the data solving problems.

    6. ’Vessel’ is often used for the extraction of data. The algorithm makes an incorporation of Ruby Libraries to make the process of Data extraction seem easy as pie.

    Ruby is designed to make the life of a programmer easy and fun. The versatility of the syntax makes it easier for the programmer to develop the web-site or an application in half the time. Since it’s a cost-effective language, it is much-loved by end users as well. There is a robust online boot-camp that helps emergent Ruby Programmers to comprehend the nuances of the program faster. 


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